In Pictures: St. Mike’s Career Week

The St. Michael Parish School held a “Career and Hobby Fair” on Tuesday and several community professionals met with students to describe what they do.

SMPS Quality Education Committee Chair, Kim Contraguerro says, “Career Week is a celebration of the many different careers and hobbies of the people of our area. Each year we are so grateful for the many outstanding professionals and community members that come to our school to share their careers and hobbies. It opens our students’ eyes to the exciting possibilities that lay in their futures. ” was invited as well and after explaining the “Place of the Skull” meaning and all things about online journalism, students were asked, “If you could write a Weelunk article, what would it be?”

Here are their answers:

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Sara Gruber "Playing Basketball", Leah Coleman "Place of the Skull", Nathan Dieffenbaugher "Wheeling Nailers"


Alex Baldauff "St. Mike's School", Dominic Cipriani "Playing Basketball", Noah Blair "Performing Arts Centers in Wheeling", Abby Barki "Playing Soccer"


John Emmerth "Playing Lacrosse", Ben Foster "Wheeling Hitmen Baseball", Marta Ghigo "Less Homework, More Freedom", Chloe Imer "Dancing at Tony Zeakes"


Adam O'Hare "Sports", Colton Thomas "Sports", Nathan Stryker "Wheeling Sports History", Jenna Sutphin "WV breaking away from VA"


Elizabeth Wolf "Coleman's Fish Market", Sydney Warman "Wheeling United Soccer", Sofia Robertson "Wheeling's Churches", Andrew Tiu "St. Mike's School"


Abbey Riedel "Wheeling History", Alex Frangos "School", Derrick Fortnae "The Civl War", Anne Nettles "My Grandfather Knows Everyone", Jimmy Brogan "Crushing Cameron in Baseball"


Edoardo Ghigo "Miracle Field", Garrett Guzolik "Bethlehem Neighborhood", "Zach Mazur "My Baseball Team"


Beth Anthony "Linsly Wall", Sammy Peluchette "Wheeling Island", Maggie Fahay "WJU Field", Curtis McGhee "The Pig Path", Ethan Hardy "Loui's Hot Dog", John Rose "Wheeling History"


Joey Carter "Ever Breeze Farm", Aaron Mazur "Wheeling Hit Men Baseball", Michael Funka "Taco Bell at the Highlands", Aiden Groskopf "Five Guys at the Highlands", John Judhas " Phantom Lacrosse"


Hannah Wear "Martin's Ferry - the Boat", Alexandria Tarr "Local Native Americans", Tommy Woods "History of the Ohio River", Kelly Riedel "Nepal Earthquake"


Abby Doerr "Volleyball", Kelsy Kociban "Tunnel Green", Timothy McCabe "History of Linsly", Helaina Queen "Footloose Musical at WPHS", Adam Murray "History of Wheeling", Haeja Bowman "Cheerleading"


Olivia Khale "Independence Hall", Abbey Jones "Capitol Music Hall", Ayden Griffith "Moundsville Penitentiary", Andre Hartzell "Baseball"


Lillian Bischof "Capitol Music Hall", Julianna Kepple "Free Range Chicken", Tori Futey "Wheeling Fireworks", Audry Blust "Oglebay Park", Spencer Romanek "Living in Woodsdale"


Kendrah Butler "Wheeling Coffee Shop", Emily Higgs "History of Woodsdale", Maddy Tiu "Shows at the Capitol", Maria Goudy "Wheeling Coffee Shop", Emma Mc Gruder "Shows at the Capitol"


Zoey Kefauver "History of Fulton", Dorothy Romanek "Wheeling's Spooky Cemeteries", Kayla Gilligan "Miracle Field"


Delaney O'Connell "History of St. Clairsville", Meredith Romanek "Cemeteries", Elizabeth Romanek "Light the Night Walk", Wyatt Haynes "Ohio"


Alex Carter "Mad at the Cubs for Beating the Pirates" , Justin Doerr "Mad at the Rangers for Beating the Penguins", Christopher Burns "Mad at the Caps for Beating the Islanders", Ryan Costanzo "Umpires Making Bad Calls"


Hailey McCallen "Starbucks", Gracey Wear "Mac-n-Cheeze Bites at Sheetz", Halea McCabe "Pumpkin Spice Lattes", Briana Coughlan "Dimmeydale", Alexis Paris "Dancing"


Logan Smith "History of Wheeling", Collin Groskop "History of Wheeling", Aspyn Bowman "History of Wheeling", Janessa Blake "History of Wheeling"


Elija Halicki "Oglebay Zoo", Mason Palmer "Pike Cubs Beating Wheeling Island", Andrew Johnson "Gas and Engineering Companies"


David Agcaoili "History of Wheeling", Reese Kefauver "History of Wheeling", T.J. Sutphin "Penguins", Angelo Gentile "New Five Guys Opening at Highlands", Ashton Kapple "Five Guys", Matt Mazur "Sports"


Bridget Lofstand "Movies at the Capitol Music Hall", Hayden Mueller "Jerry West", Treston Nemeth "Sports History", Ashlyn Knight "A Lot of Stuff"


Delaney Clutter "Sports", Skyler Blake "Sports", Danielle Agcaoili "Sports", Erin Logan "Sports"


Ryah Rotilio "History of Wheeling", Sydney Dunlap "History of Wheeling", Max Schmidtt "New Businesses at the Hilghlands", Noah Wade "Loui's Hot Dogs", Kaitly Angalich "History of Edgington Lane"


Giulio Gentile "Native American Names", David Benson "History of Wheeling", Andrew Komoroski "History of Wheeling", Kade Yocuf "History of Wheeling", Stephen Ward "History of Wheeling", Gage Michael "History of Wheeling"


Isaac Smith "Moudsville Penitentiary", Alex McGruder "Tunnel Green and Wetzel Cave", Nick Turziann "Playing Hockey", Jonas Schmiddt "History of Wheeling", Peyton King "Softball", Shelby Woods "Basketball", Kaley Renidew "Basketball"


Nicole Billie "Why did the Alpaca Farm Leave Clinton Hills?", Cameron McCabe "Why I am Moving from Dimmeydale", Sara Palmer "Living in Elm Grove"


Kaci Spry "How Awesome Kaci Is", Eric Melhman "Melhman's Cafeteria", Ian Guggenheimer "History of Oglebay Park", Jesse Cunningham "History of Wheeling Island", Madie Riedel "Wheeling YMCA Swim Team"


Sydney Guzolik "Softball", Josephine Kulpa "Wheeling United", Calvin Lin "WVU Sports", Emma Nodurft "Native americans


Gino Gentile "Ohio River", Sydney Mansuetto "Fireworks", Margeret Hartzell "Oglebay Park", Alaina Zende "My Dad: Kurt Zende", Hunter Midcap "National Geographic Favorites"

We love their ideas and challenge you to become a “Weelunker” and write a story of your own!

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