There’s a new partnership in Wheeling, West Virginia. New media has intersected with traditional media as and WTRF7 have come together to produce a new TV show that focuses on the history, positive aspects of and uniqueness of Wheeling. Weelunk is honored to be a part of the special pairing, and we hope to bring you more epsiodes in the future.

In the premier episode, co-hosts Rachael Dierkes and Mayor Glenn Elliott – along with narrator Steve Novotney – take you behind the scenes of Oglebay’s Festival of Lights, a trip down memory lane with the “Real Santa” of Cooey Bentz, Centre Market’s “Talking Christmas Tree”and much more.

See for yourself at the link below and enjoy!


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  1. Chuck Wood

    Nice show! I am not from Wheeling and don’t have the personal experience of the crowded downtown with a talking Christmas tree. It was great to learn the history of that and the Olgebay lights. And I really like the still pix of downtown when most of the shops were full.

    • Marie McGannon

      I enjoyed the show. Brought back memories. I liked hearing the history of Olgebay’s Festival of Lights.

      • Harry Flouhouse

        Yes spent many a Christmas in the hustle and bustle of downtown Wheeling in the fifties and sixties. Great memories.

    • Steve Novotney

      The Weelunk Holiday Special will air three more times – twice on Christmas Eve (WTRF-My Ohio Valley – Channel 3 on Comcast – at 1:30 p.m. and again at 5 p.m. on WTRF/ABC – Channel 4), and also at 11 a.m. on Christmas Morning on WTRF-My Ohio Valley – Channel 3 on Comcast. We hope you have the chance to see it on television!


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