Mt Olivet, Wheeling WV

Mt. Olivet

Mt. Olivet exists right on the southern edge of Ohio County, on the border with Marshall County, in a more rural area than most other Wheeling neighborhoods. It is mostly made up of residential houses, but there is a park and a few businesses such as a restaurant, churches, and autobody shops.

While there are not very many amenities in Mt. Olivet proper, it is within 10 minutes from any shopping, entertainment, or emergency needs. The neighborhood is within a few minutes’ drive from major highways, encouraging an easy commute and access to other parts of Wheeling.

[fun_facts fact1="Mt. Olivet's housing is a combination of custom built homes and small residential developments built in the 1960s and 70s." fact2="Mt. Olivet straddles two counties. Depending on what part of the neighborhood you're in, you can be in either Marshall or Ohio County." fact3="" fact4="" fact5="" fact6=""]

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