Mt Olivet, Wheeling WV

Mt. Olivet

Mt. Olivet exists right on the southern edge of Ohio County, on the border with Marshall County, in a more rural area than most other Wheeling neighborhoods. It is mostly made up of residential houses, but there is a park and a few businesses such as a restaurant, churches, and autobody shops.

While there are not very many amenities in Mt. Olivet proper, it is within 10 minutes from any shopping, entertainment, or emergency needs. The neighborhood is within a few minutes’ drive from major highways, encouraging an easy commute and access to other parts of Wheeling.

Mt. Olivet's housing is a combination of custom built homes and small residential developments built in the 1960s and 70s.

Mt. Olivet straddles two counties. Depending on what part of the neighborhood you're in, you can be in either Marshall or Ohio County.

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