Announcing: Vast Improvements To The Weelunk Calendar

Here at Weelunk, our mission is… uh, well, we never really wrote it down, so I think it tends to change every time we tell it. It’s something along the lines of “Make. Wheeling. Awesome.” A key part of that is to let our readers know what’s going on in and around town so that they can experience it for themselves. That’s where the Weelunk calendar comes in.

There were already a lot of events calendars in Wheeling before Weelunk started, but we found that they tend to have a narrow focus in one sense or another. This is because the organizations that host the calendars often have specific missions which they are expected to adhere to. While we consciously avoid duplication of efforts that are already being put forth, we found that our mission, amorphous as it is, lends itself to our creating a great, all-encompassing calendar. We know no geographic, demographic or esoteric boundaries. We can include almost everything, making for a one-stop resource for all that’s happening locally on a given day.

Our calendar has been with us from the beginning, but since our launch we had recognized that we had some improvements to make. It just wasn’t easy enough to navigate or to filter down to find things that interested a given user. And there wasn’t a monthly view. After some vacillation about how to fix it, we finally set out in the new year to address our calendar’s shortcomings. The result, so far, is the calendar you now see here. I won’t go so far as to claim perfection yet, but I think it’s come a long way and should be much more useful when planning a day’s or a night’s activities.

When you first click our Calendar link, you’re taken to the monthly view of the current month. Across the top of the page are buttons — one denoting that you are already on the Calendar View. The next offers to take you to a List View where you’ll see the nearest upcoming events in a list. The rightmost button is another new feature, where you can Submit An Event that we don’t already know about. In the future we’ll develop some guidelines for what we will and won’t allow; until then we’ll just arbitrarily reject stuff that rubs us the wrong way.

Below the buttons you’ll see the calendar itself. Days with events have red digits, and those without have yellow ones. We hope most days will be red. Below the red digits are some dots which represent how many events are on that day. If you hover your mouse over a date, a little flag will fly next to the box, showing the number of events in case you don’t want to count the dots. If that number seems satisfactory to you, or you don’t care and you want to do something on that date anyway, click on the date box, and a list of the day’s events will unfold below the calendar. Note that on some device screens you may need to scroll a bit to see the list.

From the list, clicking an event will reveal most of what you’ll need to know about attending that event, including a map of the venue location, and links that allow you to add event reminders to Google or any calendar app that uses the .ics format. If you’d like even more info or would like to buy tickets in cases where that’s appropriate, you can follow the Event Website link to the original source.

The List View page is very similar to the list of events you get below the calendar. This view is where the filter options really shine. The line below the month where you see “Filter By” is where this happens. Let’s say you only want to see Social events. Click the All next to Event Type and select Social. You’ll see a list of upcoming social events with an option at the bottom to show more. The other fields can be used in the same way. For example, selecting “Children” under “Age Group” will show a menu of things to do with Junior.

In support of our calendar relaunch, we’ve added lots of new events for the next few months with more going in every day. We hope the changes we’ve made will make it easier than ever to zoom in on things that interest you. If you find that your sofa still won’t relinquish its hold on your backside, leave a comment or drop us an email at and let us know what calendar features or events would help you rejoin society. I think we could all use some of that after this winter has left many of us like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

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