McColloch Homestead property chronology:


1777 (perhaps earlier)-1782           “Major” Sam McColloch had a loghouse cabin up hill from spring, prob @ parlor area, possibly dining room.  Sam killed in 1782, leaving a widow but no children.

                                                Sam’s brother John & some descendants lived on west side of Short Creek (their eventual brick farmhouse was razed in 2016).

1782-1809                               Property went to Sam’s brother John & possibly other McCollochs.

                                                The McCollochs sold this land in 1809.  Not sure who, would have to do a title search at the Ohio County Courthouse.

Late 1700s-1844                    Our family understanding is that someone, either a McColloch or the non-McColloch owners, tears down the loghouse cabin & builds a wooden house (but I have no evidence for this.  Other online accounts say this was done later by “Young Abraham” McColloch @1846.

1809-1844                               Others, non-McColloch’s, owned the property.

1840                                        Table Rock Farm built by Samuel McColloch (not the Major, obviously).

1844                                        “Sam’s three nephews” (presumably John’s sons?) reacquired some or all of the land, about 125 acres then.  It was known as the McColloch “homestead.”   

1845                                        James McColloch builds Lawrencefield.

1846                                        Most likely date for original house (current dining room, parlor, stairs, & two central bedrooms, attic).

“Young Abraham” (my term) Abraham (possibly Abram?) McColloch (1797-1882)—(son of “old” Abraham, son of John) either tears down the loghouse cabin & builds wooden house, or inhabits whatever wooden house is currently there, built earlier.

1846                                        Hanson W. Chapline is architect for Matvey farmhouse (later Oglebay Mansion).

1845 or 1847                           William McColloch builds at Fair View Farm (later Sandscrest).    

1856                                        “Young Abraham” adds the western stone wing (parlor, back room, library, center bedroom, current bathroom rooms & back bedroom (probably the slave quarters, as over kitchen.  If so, this was late in the slave era in what was still Virginia then).

                                                Our family understanding was the stone part was added in the 1830s, but online accounts differ.  Most likely in 1856 coinciding with flurry of other McColloch house improvements.

1890s                                      East rooms added (current kitchen & upstairs bedroom).

1900s                                      Chester Emery McColloch (1878-1950, either nephew or grandson of “Young Abraham”) owns the farm.

1925                                        Chester’s first wife Fern Bell dies Feb 12 in childbirth.

1926                                        Chester marries second wife Leta Mason McColloch (1891-1995).

1920s-30s                               G.P. Whitaker boarded a horse at the McColloch farm.

1950                                        Chester dies aged @72.  Widow Leta Mason McColloch inherits.

1951                                        Leta sells farm to Robert W. Hazlett, who remodels house, adding plumbing, toilets, whole-house electricity, and bricks over the east side’s wood exterior.

1959                                        R.W. Hazlett sells house to his daughter & son-in-law, Jane & Louis Stifel Whitaker.  RW Hazlett constructs second house next door.

1973                                        At RW Hazlett’s death, Jane Whitaker inherits second house property.

1983                                        Swimming pool & pool shed built.

1988                                        East wing added to house.  New bedrooms, sunroom, kitchen remodeled.

1992                                        At Jane Whitaker’s death, Louis Whitaker becomes sole owner of both properties.  Louis rents second house until 2000s when son Dan moves in.

2016                                        At Louis Whitaker’s death, sons William Stifel Whitaker & Robert Hazlett Whitaker inherit the west tract & old house, son Daniel Edgington Whitaker inherits the east tract & smaller house.

2017                                        Valerie & Jason Wahl become new owners of McColloch homestead.