Ways to Make Your Home Inviting and Warm

The transition from cozy fall to the chilly temperatures of winter is not always easy, but what better way to do it than by revamping some of your favorite décor? And the best part? It can be a lot simpler than you think.

Here are 4 tips from Lynn Buch Interiors to make your home warmer and more comfortable during the cold winter months:

Creating Warmth with Texture

When you think of cozying up and getting warm during the winter months, I bet one of the first things that comes to mind is a big fuzzy blanket that you can curl up on the couch with. This is perfect because it is a simple touch that can really spice up your winter décor.

warmth with texture

Whether it is a big cozy blanket that you prefer, or a lightweight throw, you can create the winter warmth by picking something with texture. We recommend faux fur, flannel, or cable knit. Also, don’t be afraid to coordinate throw pillows with your blankets. A few fur pillows mixed with a nice cable knit throw would be the perfect winter combo. Don’t be afraid to add textures such as sparkles or metallic as well. Nothing says winter like a little bit of sparkle.

Chilly air making its way into your home through windows is one of the many frustrations of winter, and the sheer panels that you used on them in the spring, summer, and fall months are probably no longer serving their purpose. Try swapping them out for some textured, thicker ones. Velvet works nicely. Not only will this add instant winter charm to the room, but it will also help insulate the room against the cold.

Bringing the Outside, Inside

Plants and florals, real or fake, are an instant way to bring nature inside your home. Some faux Winterberry’s are a beautiful and unconventional way to do this. Sticking them in a vase on a table in your foyer or creating a centerpiece for your dining room table are two fabulous ways to do this. And it adds a pop of color—winter doesn’t have to mean drab.

Outside Inside

If you’re into a simpler look, then stick with the classic seasonal greens. Use them on a window sill, above doorways, or anywhere that you think could really use some winterizing and an added touch of warmth. If you’re feeling extra bold, combine the two to create an even earthier look.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, put it to use. Even if you don’t literally use it, place a bundle of wood in it to bring that instant touch of nature. Who knows, it could even inspire you to actually put it to good use.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

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Nothing says winter like adding some classic layers into your décor, and what better place to start than your bedding. Pile on the pillows, blankets, anything that will make your bed look warm and inviting—the perfect winter sanctuary. It’s a hot trend right now (no pun intended).


Like I mentioned earlier, nothing says winter like some comfy-cozy textures, so don’t be afraid to layer up the fur throws and some plaid pillows to really give the room a warm, inviting depth. Another easy way to add winter layers to your home is by placing some throw rugs in areas where you might not have used them before—hallways, the entrance to the bedrooms, in front of closets–get creative with it. That’s the fun with layering, you can never have too much.

Lastly, don’t forget your textures. Replace sisal or jute weave with ones that have more of a winter appeal—like a shaggy, thick rug. And not only that, but layering rugs is often an overlooked option. Place a wool patterned rug over top of a natural fibered rug, and there you have it, instant layers and winter warmth.

A Warm Glow

The most inexpensive way to add drama, elegance, and the perfect winter glow to any room is through—you guessed it—candles. They are tried and true.

warm glow

Who doesn’t love the soft glow of a candle on a chilly winter night? Nothing is cozier, right? It is an INSTANT way to add a warm winter ambiance to any room. And it only makes it better if you choose a candle that has a traditional winter scent to it, like peppermint or cinnamon.

Bringing a natural glow into your home is another simple and inexpensive way to winterize. What’s a creative way to do this? Add a mirror across from a window so that natural light can be amplified in the entire room. The winter sunlight can be beautiful, embrace it and use it to your full “winterizing” advantage.

Do your lamps have dark, thick shades on them? If they do, switch it up! Pick a shade that’s thinner and lighter so that more light can filter into the room. Even one that is a little less texture will work. Don’t be afraid of white either! After all, aren’t we all dreaming of a white Christmas?

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There you have it, 5 easy ways to make your home warmer and ready for all that holiday company. We’d love to hear your own favorite tips as well as see any pictures of your winter design projects. Jump on our Facebook page at Lynn Buch Interiors and take a minute to share them with us. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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