Welcome to Weelunk.

Weelunk is a nonprofit online magazine that shares Wheeling WV’s story.

What is Wheeling’s story? It depends on who you ask. That’s why Weelunk is created by the community, for the community. Weelunk is made up of a variety of community writers, each with their own perspectives. Our goal is to offer our readers stories and content that allows them to see themselves, and feel connected to our collective culture.

We want to encourage conversation and engage everyone in what’s happening here. We want you to feel connected to Wheeling – whether you’ve lived here all your life, moved away, or you haven’t even visited yet.

But what is a “Weelunk” you ask?

Both “Wheeling” and “Weelunk” are words believed to be derived from a Native American phrase “place of the skull” or “place of the head”. The folklore surrounding this phrase suggests that a skull was used as a geographic marker, claiming the territory that today we recognize as downtown Wheeling.

The folklore surrounding this skull is problematic, and it is worth noting that it is also an undocumented story. However, the root of both “wee” or “whee” remain as evidence of the language and culture of the original inhabitants of our area. As an organization, we choose to maintain the brand Weelunk so as not to erase what little evidence of indigenous stewardship we have.

The line between cultural appreciation and appropriation is a difficult one, and we hope that our content and approach helps all of us become a more inclusive and thoughtful community.

“Do something.” It’s more than just our motto. It’s a reminder to all of us that we can spark positive action in our community and beyond. We hope Weelunk inspires you to do something. Share your perspective. Get out and experience what there is to offer. Be a part of the Weelunk community.

Weelunk is a part of Wheeling Heritage Media, a subsidiary of Wheeling Heritage. Wheeling Heritage is a nonprofit with the mission to serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of Wheeling. Part of that mission is telling Wheeling’s story, both past and present.


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