WATCH: The Henry Podcast Preview

Produced by Wheeling Heritage Media, our podcast takes a deep dive on Henry Schmulbach, a German brewer in Wheeling, whose life touched on important themes in the city, including immigration, politics, industri...
Beer Quiz

QUIZ: Which Wheeling Beer Should You Try for St. Paddy’s Day?

Put down your green beer and treat yourself to a locally-crafted beer made right here in Wheeling! Not sure which local brew is right for you? Weelunk has you covered. Answer these five questions to help you choose which beer you should try while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

WATCH: Nelson Jordan Center

As city officials are determining what the future holds for the Nelson Jordan Center, it’s important to understand the value that the Nelson Jordan Center adds to our community. We’re pleased to help bridge the...

WATCH: Winter on the Plaza

The city of Wheeling hosted their inaugural Winter on the Plaza event. Community members were excited to light up the downtown in the holiday themed celebration. Original Story:

WATCH: How WEE Met – John & Kim

John and Kim revisit the Wheeling Park Ice Rink, the first place they met as teenagers. Original Story: CONTEST: How Did You Meet the Love of Your Life? The Contestants: VOTE: Choose a Winner for Our ...