Wheeling Haunts

PODCAST: Wheeling Haunts

Welcome to Wheeling Haunts, a new podcast by Wheeling Heritage Media

What happens when Wheeling’s history doesn’t die? Listen to Wheeling Haunts each Monday in October to find out!

Hosted by Alex Panas and Cassie Minder, Wheeling Haunts will take listeners on a journey into homes in Wheeling that have a lot of history…and a few ghost stories too!

Each week, Alex and Cassie will talk with local historians who will provide information about each home and the people who once lived there. They will also chat with current residents who will share bone-chilling stories that can quite be explained.

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Do you have chilling tales from your own home in Wheeling? Tell us about it! Leave us a voicemail for your chance to be featured on an upcoming episode of the Wheeling Haunts podcast.

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Meet the Hosts

Cassie and Alex

Cassie Minder
Fall fiend, dog mom, and spooky house survivor

Cassie is the Communications and Development Manager for Wheeling Heritage, where she works to oversee internal and external communications and expand the fundraising and outreach efforts. Cassie grew up in a house with paranormal activities (shout out to Aunt Ella the ghost), and she has always found a fascination with the supernatural and the stories it tells.

Alex Panas
storyteller, cat lover, and aspiring hedge witch

Alex is the Program Manager for Wheeling Heritage, where she works with artists, small business owners, and community stakeholders to provide technical assistance and create meaningful programs that enhance Wheeling. While Alex hasn’t had any supernatural experiences of her own, she loves hearing about other people’s encounters with the unknown.

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