Wheeling Haunts Episode Four: Eerie East Wheeling

Are you ready for another episode of Wheeling Haunts? This week, Cassie and Alex stick around in East Wheeling to visit another home whose owner has a hair-raising story to tell. We also learn that this home was once the primary residence of Major Alonzo Loring: “one of Wheeling’s most prominent citizens.” 

Is there a connection between these two tales? You’ll have to listen and decide for yourself!

About Major Alonzo Loring

One of the most profound owners of the house we’re visiting this week is Major Alonzo Loring. In the late 1830s, while traveling from his home state of New York to Chicago with his father, Alonzo stopped in Wheeling where he decided he wanted to remain; He was attracted to Wheeling’s industrial potential. Alonzo would go on to become “one of the best known, most generally esteemed, and most public-spirited citizens of Wheeling.”

Major Alonzo Loring (photo courtesy of findagrave.com).

In his younger years, he was interested in politics and served in the Mexican-American War. During his time in Wheeling, he also worked as a clerk at a dry goods store. He was elected as Clerk of Courts of the Circuit court and later elected Sheriff of Ohio County. In 1864, he became one of the co-owners of Benwood Iron Works which was later purchased by the Wheeling Iron and Steel Company. 

Although he lived in East Wheeling, he eventually sold his home on 15th Street and moved to Monument Place in Elm Grove. Despite being a Confederate sympathizer in a region that was actively succeeding from Virginia to join the Union, he was somehow able to solidify his place in history and become known as having “integrity of purpose, unflinching determination, and untiring energy.”

An Eerie East Wheeling Haunting

So, is the ghost of Alonzo Loring haunting the halls of his former home in East Wheeling? In this week’s episode, Will Wallace, the current owner of this East Wheeling home shares a bone-chilling story that involves flashing lights, a chill in the air, and a tightening around his neck. You’ll have to listen to yourself and decide whether or not you think it was Alonzo.

Be sure to listen to the end of the episode for some fun side stories that Will shares from his time working underground as a coal miner.

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