Wheeling Haunts Episode Two: Fulton Frights

If you haven’t listened to episode one of our new podcast Wheeling Haunts, then be sure to go check it out!

This week on the Wheeling Haunts podcast, Cassie and Alex head to Fulton to learn more about some frightening experiences that local resident Rachael Schmitt experienced in her childhood home. She shares several spooky encounters from tame to downright frightening. They also sit down with WVU history professor William Hal Gorby to learn more about the history of Fulton and try to make connections related to Rachael’s experience. 

Want to hear the full story? Listen to the Wheeling Haunts Episode Two: Fulton Frights.

[template_part type="video" title="Wheeling Haunts Episode Two: Fulton Frights" description="This week, we head to a quiet residential neighborhood in Fulton to learn about Rachael Schmitt's creepy childhood home. " url="https://youtu.be/LiyAfUJObK8"]


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