Updates at the 1400 Market Block Development: Desmone and Tipping Point Unveil New Renderings and Community Partnerships

Desmone and Tipping Point have announced a series of collaborative efforts with local nonprofits to maximize community impact at the 1400 Market Block development in Downtown Wheeling. 

The developers have also unveiled new renderings, showcasing a transformative vision for the area that could include a coffee shop or a restaurant. 

“Collaboration with nonprofits is a cornerstone of community development,” said Jim Ambrose, President of Tipping Point. “By working together, we can leverage our collective resources and expertise to create a more significant impact. The partnerships formed for the Wheeling Lofts project exemplify this approach. It’s not just about building new structures; it’s about building a stronger, more vibrant community. This project is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal.”

  • Interior coffee shop rendering.

Desmone and Tipping Point have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with three community organizations — the YWCA of Wheeling, Helping Heroes, and Grow Ohio Valley. These partnerships aim to establish a framework of collaboration at the development in both the residential and commercial portions, maximizing proactive impacts on the community.

The YWCA will share information and resources on affordable housing and job creation within the development of low-income residences. This includes job postings for building maintenance positions, coffee shop or restaurant personnel to women in the YWCA Maintenance Training Program, as well as support for the organization’s rehabilitation program for women in recovery or returning to society after incarceration. 

“We are thrilled that local developers saving historic landmarks in town think about the community they are building in,” said Lori Jones, Executive Director of YWCA Wheeling.  

“It is imperative to the success of the community that we care about our neighbors, what they may be going through and how we can help each other.  The fact that Desmone and Tipping Point are ahead of the game by partnering first is a huge step into the success of the business.” 

In a similar fashion, the partnership with Helping Heroes will focus on providing affordable housing units within Wheeling Lofts for low-income veterans. The organization provides support services for veterans. The primary goal is to help veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless achieve housing stability.

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“Helping Heroes views projects like this as extremely valuable because they add to the housing inventory and expand employment options for the veterans we serve,” said R.J. Konkoleski, Helping Heroes CEO. “On a broader scale, these investments are revitalizing downtown in a way that benefits residents of the entire Ohio Valley with more choices for living, shopping, and dining. We applaud the work of Wheeling Heritage and the developers in creating positive, sustainable, economic impact while preserving the city’s important historic structures.”

Grow Ohio Valley, a nonprofit with a mission to improve access to fresh, locally grown food, has agreed to assist in initiatives for future food service tenants and the organization’s network of local farmers.

For more information, contact:

Jim Ambrose, Tipping Point: (412) 260-5470 / jambrose@tippingpointdev.com

Betsy Sweeny, Wheeling Heritage: (724) 594-8157 /  bsweeny@wheelingheritage.org

About Tipping Point

Tipping Point is a commercial real estate developer that acts as a catalyst for real change by celebrating public funding, job creation, and community impact. By putting city officials and their constituents ahead of investments and ROI, we aim to unlock a neighborhood’s highest potential through real estate development. For areas that need revitalization, we believe the power to rebuild starts with the people and its representatives. More information is available at tippingpointdev.com

About Desmone 

Desmone is a full-service architecture and interior design firm with a practice deeply rooted in design excellence and superior client service. For nearly six decades, their work has shaped the Pittsburgh region and beyond. 

Located in the historic Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, their team is comprised of Architects, Interior Designers, LEED Accredited professionals, and Marketing/Business development personnel. Their broad portfolio encompasses everything from single-family residences to complex commercial and industrial projects, and includes new construction renovations, historic preservation, and adaptive reuse. More information is available at desmone.com