2017 Top Ten: Stories By You

Today we continue the year in review with a shout out to our readers, followers, advocates, investors, advertisers and all-around-Weelunkers.  Here are the Top Ten stories of the year from YOU, our community contributors.

Editor’s Note: This Top Ten list was compiled using Google analytics and social media engagement data.


My Town: Charley Trades in his Dice for the Stock Market

August 2017

Bill Hogan

The town was a “happening place” with well over a hundred clubs in the downtown area, many of them with live music and “chuck a luck” or other games of chance…

Bella Via


Euchre: Poker’s Poor Cousin

June 2017

Brian Thomas

“Euchre can be played anywhere with anyone. It’s a very simple game, and around here it is considered uncommon for someone to ask to be taught its rules.”



An Ode to Wheeling Summers

July 2017

Christina Greer

“Yet here I am sitting on my deck on a cool June morning surrounded by spring-green rolling hills, and I have never been happier.”

An Ode to Wheeling Summers


To a Kid from Tajikistan, ” West Virginia is Real America”

May 2017

Daniel Morgan

He comes to (WLU) from Tajikistan, a mountainous Central Asian country wedged between Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan with a population of about 9 million.

Daniel Morgan


Valley Views and Varmints Series


Laura Jackson Roberts

All year long Laura took us outside to wonderful places we’ve never been.

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Hiking Spot


Hamburger Man

August 2017

Mike Quinn

Hilarious reflections of a Wheeling teenager working at Burger Chef on National Road.

Burger Chef


The Griffith Files Series


Gerry Griffith

This year Gerry, from the acclaimed “Mabel Files”, introduced the “Griffith Files” and his storytelling continues to be on of our most celebrated. Thank you Gerry!

Griffith Files


1989 MixTape: Styling with Rax

February 2017


A trip down memory lane with curly fries and a side of roast beef.



Catfish Fishing the Ohio River

January 2017

Earl Nicodemus

Fishing the Ohio River is one of the great traditions here in the West Virginia panhandle.




A Wheeling Company Changes the World

July 2017

Sarah Koegler

A Wheeling native and entrepreneur defies gravity and sends West Virginia coal to space.

Brian Joseph