7 Tasty Cocktails To Try This Weekend in Wheeling

If you’ve binge-watched Drink Masters on Netflix recently, then you already know that there is something about a beautifully-curated drink that can elevate any occasion. No matter what your drink preference — shaken, stirred, sweet, bitter, tall, neat — there is a perfect drink for everyone. Here in Wheeling, we have no shortage of bars and restaurants whose libations make every hour feel like happy hour. We did some field research to present you with seven of our favorite Wheeling cocktails that you should try next time you’re out on the town!

Habanero Ginger Apple Cocktail at Elle & Jack’s

The unique habanero and apple cocktail at Elle & Jack’s.

For one of the best craft cocktails in the area, we had to throw a little spice into the mix. Elle & Jack‘s in Downtown Wheeling recently introduced its Habanero Ginger Apple Cocktail. This sweet drink poured over ice is comprised of dark rum, apple cider, simple syrup, ginger, apple and a cinnamon sugar rim. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else like this between its refreshing zing to the bite of peppers — this is a drink you’ll never forget. 

Try it with…

Seared scallops, creamy polenta and wild mushrooms

Lemon Drop Martini at Later Gator

Later Gator’s Lemon Drop Martini

If you know anything about Wheeling, you know that Later Alligator is the place to be if you want a delectable crepe…but have you tried their cocktails? Their lemon drop martini is a fan favorite, and when I tell you it is the best I have ever had in my life, I promise it is not an exaggeration. From the level of tartness and the flawless sugar dispersion over the rim, its no wonder why customers keep coming back for more. While the ingredients may be simple, the execution is certainly not. 

Try it with…

Snappers crepe with caramel, Nutella, pecans and whipped cream.

Bellinis at The Bridge Tavern

Assorted drinks at The Bridge Tavern & Grill.

This fun, fruity drink is a mimosa’s quirky cousin, and the folks at The Bridge Tavern and Grill have this drink on their cocktail menu year-round. They serve up this classic with sparkling white wine spumante with peach nectar. While the bellini is often thought of a summertime drink, we think this of this Italian classic that hasn’t gotten recognition in a while. 

Try it with…

Pear and mixed green salad with almonds, cranberry raisins, bleu cheese, and raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Old Fashioned at The Foundry

While this South Wheeling watering hole has quickly gained a reputation for its lineup of handcrafted, fresh-fruit cocktails, The Foundry also boasts an impressive bourbon selection. For the discerning cocktail consumer, an old fashioned is often the benchmark for determining if a bar is with its salt. You definitely cannot go wrong by ordering this classic cocktail with your favorite bourbon. 

Try it with…

With a limited bar menu, you cannot go wrong with The Foundry’s charcuterie board. 

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Seasonal Sips at Abbey’s

The Orange Crush from Abbey’s.

Now, the best drink specials in the city are going to Abbey’s Restaurant and Lounge. Why, you ask? Well, their cocktails are not only delicious, but they are going to be fun and garnished to perfection. We couldn’t pick just one cocktail, because they consistently create drinks that celebrate each season. During the fall, they had a decadent pumpkin pie martini, complete with pumpkin puree. During the holiday season, they served up the Grinch martini, which was not for the faint of heart. One of the fan favorites at Abbey’s is the Orange Crush made with fresh, crushed orange, vodka, triple sec and a splash of soda. While this drink sounds tropical, it also provides a hint of nostalgia for having a crisp drink on a hot summer day. We recommend that you choose your own adventure during your next trip to Abbey’s!

Try it with…

Rotisserie chicken with your choice of sides –  a classic at Abbey’s!

Dessert Martinis at Vue 42

Cotton Candy Martini (photo courtesy of Vue 42).

Wheeling’s newest cocktail bar, Vue 42 is the perfect place to sip on specialty-crafted dessert martinis. For a hit of nostalgia, we recommend ordering the cotton candy dessert martini. Described as “like a kid in a candy store,” this drink will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Vue 42 also offers a lineup of mocktails for those who want to indulge in some alcohol-free socializing. The “cool as a MF cucumber” is a refreshing choice with fresh muddled cucumber, lime juice and simple syrup.

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Try it with…

Vue 42’s “arti-chocked up” dip – a creamy dip with spinach and artichoke served with crostini. 

Bloody Marys at the 19th Hole

The masterful Bloody Mary at The 19th Hole.

After a night out on the town, you might need the hair of the dog. Luckily, the 19th Hole is open for brunch on Sundays!  If you are a lover of Bloody Marys, then you know they are most definitely not created equal. While Wheeling boasts many places that sell this classic, one stands out from the rest at The 19th Hole. When you stop by this beloved bar on National Road in the heart of Woodsdale, you will be in awe over the presentation of this drink. We are talking about banana peppers, pickles, artichoke hearts, bacon and the list just keeps on rolling. So, for the best Bloody Mary in town, be sure to specify your preferred vodka and go to town on this uniquely curated drink. 

Try it with…

Charcuterie board with an assortment of meats, cheeses, fruit, jam and crostini (only served on Sundays).

Regardless of what drinks you choose to indulge in, remember to always drink responsibly. Cheers to a fun weekend ahead!

What’s your favorite Wheeling watering hole? Let us know by commenting below!

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