America is in Your Hands


We would normally be writing about the perfect summer brews or a few new craft beers to hit the market, but we felt it is the right time to pay some credit to our roots, to the beer that built our company…and still remains an American staple.

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Now that summer has officially started and the Fourth of July is just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the best way we know how: by drinking Budweiser! All kidding aside, Budweiser kicked off this summer in the most patriotic way possible, by proudly putting America front-and-center on its cans and bottles. The packaging is designed to honor the passionate, hard-working spirit of Americans and celebrate the values that Budweiser shares with this great nation: perseverance, freedom and authenticity.

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Budweiser is big, it’s bold, and it’s proudly domestic – something that no brand should be ashamed of.

Tens of thousands of Americans come together to bring Budweiser to U.S. beer drinkers (Anheuser-Busch alone has more than 16,000 employees in the US) – from barley growers and brewmasters to packaging line operators, truck drivers and wholesalers. Budweiser is truly American-made since 1876. One hundred percent of the Budweiser enjoyed by U.S. consumers is brewed at 12 local breweries across the country. The majority of the Budweiser that is consumed in Wheeling is brewed just a few hours away in Columbus, OH. The barley and rice used to brew Budweiser is purchased from hundreds of local growers in states like Idaho and Montana.

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During the week leading up to July 4 (6/27-7/4), Budweiser will donate a portion of each America can and bottle sold to Folds of Honor to support their mission of providing educational scholarships to military families. Carenbauer Distributing, as well as other wholesalers, will also place a donation. Budweiser is a proud supporter of Folds of Honor veterans programs, with $7.5 million donated since 2011. Anheuser-Busch has been collaborating with the American Red Cross on disaster relief efforts since 1906. They have also donated more than 74 million cans of emergency drinking water to U.S. communities in need since 1988, including to WV residents who were affected by the recent flooding.

So in honor of our great nation, enjoy the holiday with friends and family and keep America in your hearts and in your hands. This Bud’s for You, America!

Editor’s Note: Weelunk is pleased to enjoy a partnership with Carenbauer Distributing. As you already know from this article, Carenbauer’s is a great Wheeling company and supports Weelunk’s mission of making Wheeling and the Valley an even better place to live. In exchange, we periodically highlight some beers and brewers that our readers may be interested in. So this is a paid piece, and now you know.