Appraisal Fest Coming To Town This Weekend

The boys are back in town! You may know them as “The Appraisal Guys” or the “Frick & Frack of Knick & Knack.” You may have seen them on Antiques Roadshow, HGTV’s Cash In the Attic, or Fox’s Strange Inheritance. Tim Luke and Greg Strahm are both accredited members of the International Society of Appraisers and co-owners of Treasure Quest Appraisal Group in Florida. Tim is a former director of collectibles for Christie’s and is an auctioneer for Julian’s, the “auction house to the stars.” Greg, his appraisal business partner and husband, is also a chef.

Tim and Greg return to Wheeling this weekend to raise awareness and raise funds for The Museums of Oglebay Institute. Here are a few of the fun ways you can participate:

The Appraisal Guys’ Price Is Right is an entertaining twist on the popular game show. Audience members and celebrity guests guess the value of items that have been discovered, appraised, or sold by Tim and Greg. You’ll be shocked and surprised at how much (or how little) the items brought, as Tim tells you the stories behind them and how the value of an item is determined. The evening includes a social hour, auction, and refreshments (Delicious and unusual selections are generously provided by Cabela’s. Now’s your chance to try Elk balls!) Bid on great items like a “Growler of the Month” package from Wheeling Brewing Company or an import foods basket from Good Mansion Wines.

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6:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11 at the Mansion Museum in Oglebay Resort

Appraisal Event Have your items appraised by Tim and Greg. These antiques experts will estimate each item’s worth, comment on the value and significance, and give information about its history. How much is Aunt Mabel’s prize kewpie doll worth? You just might hit the jackpot! All those having items appraised will be entered for a chance to win a $500 Cabela’s gift card.

10 a.m.-2 p.m,, Saturday, Sept. 12 Cabela’s at the Highlands

Appraisal Home Visit Do you have too many treasures to transport? The Appraisal Guys will come to your home and appraise your treasures. Call to schedule in September.

And there are more events — too many to list! For a full schedule of The Appraisal Guys’ events, more information about those listed above, or to make reservations, visit the Oglebay Institute September calendar at or call 304-242-7272. All proceeds benefit The Museums of Oglebay Institute.