Up, Up and Away: Corpus Christi School celebrates 100 years

On Friday, 27, 2017 students and faculty of Corpus Christi School released 100 balloons across the street from the school in Warwood’s Garden Park at 11:30 a.m.

“We released balloons for each day of school we have been in session this academic year. It is important to engage our current students in the celebration of our great history at CCS and this is a fun way to do it,” said Principal Dick Taylor.

“Our tradition of excellence in Catholic education dates back 100-years and involves the work and support of so many families, faculty and others, beginning with the incomparable dedication of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Corpus Christi remains an important part of the community. As always, our children are our future and the reason we continue our educational tradition,” he added.

As part of the school celebrating its 100th day of school, students came up with a poem of kindness to place on each a balloon that will be released in the sky.

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“It’s our 100th day of our school year and we want to share 100 ways to spread cheer!” said Development Director Miranda Shaner. “We invite everyone to join us in our effort.”

Catholic Schools Week across the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston begins Sunday, Jan. 29. For more information on Corpus Christi School, please call 304-277-1220 or visit corpuschristiwheeling.com.

Poem of Kindness
On our 100th day of,
Of our 100th year,
Corpus Christi School
Wants to spread some cheer!

If this brings a smile
And brightens up your day,
Choose to pay it forward
And spread kindness in some way!