CMOV Beertastic Pictures by Bennett McKinley

The CMOV’s annual board fundraiser, Beertastic: A Beer for All Seasons.  Adults had a turn to have a playdate at the Children’s Museum’s future location in Centre Market, while sampling local beers brewed by the Wheeling Alers, indulging in delicious food pairings supplied by local eateries, and trying their hands out on DIY projects and fun games!

It was another sold out event for the CMOV and many Weelunkers were spotted tasting away.

This event supports the relocation of the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley (CMOV) to Centre Market in Wheeling and positions the Museum to contribute to the revitalization and rebranding of an incredible city.

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The location of the new CMOV is critical to its success. Within Centre Market is a growing “Arts District” that offers something unique to Wheeling and other surrounding cities; this new district provides non-formal learning opportunities for children without the constraints of formal standardized curriculum and structured extra-curricular activities. We need the CMOV for a simple reason. We need our children to be creative problem-solvers and innovators in this new global economy in order for the Ohio Valley to survive and flourish.

The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley’s mission is to promote and stimulate self-discovery through interactive learning experiences that enhance every child’s understanding of his or her local neighborhood and global community. The CMOV strives to activate the intellectual and creative potential of children and youth by being a catalyst for the process of learning through hands-on play.

All photos by Bennett McKinley.