Weelunk was formed around a central tenet: “Do Something.” Right now, what we are doing is standing in solidarity with those working to combat inequality and institutionalized racism, and unequivocally condemning the extrajudicial killings of Black people in the United States.

And to do that, we’re taking a break from some of the other things we do. Weelunk is committed to sharing ALL of Wheeling’s story. Sometimes that means quieting some voices so that others can be heard.

This week, Weelunk will pause our normally scheduled programming to highlight stories that feature Black narratives. We have chosen to take this time to amplify those voices that are so often silenced and celebrate all that the African American community has contributed to the city of Wheeling.

Weelunk is committed to providing a safe space for those looking to have dialogue about cultural heritage, including race. “Do something” is more than just our motto, and we hope it means more to you too. It’s a reminder to all of us that we can spark positive action in our community and beyond.

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