Bordas & Bordas Presents $10,000 to Oglebay Foundation’s Access to the Parks Program

Bordas & Bordas partner Scott Blass presented the Oglebay Foundation with a $10,000 check today, Monday, Sept. 30, at Oglebay’s Crispin Golf Course. The funds, proceeds from the Bordas & Bordas Amateur Golf Classic were given to Eriks Janelsins, Oglebay Foundation president and CEO.

The $10,000 gift will help fund the Oglebay Foundation’s Access to the Parks program. The program provides scholarships for children from Ohio County and an accompanying adult, for free year-round admission and equipment to all the activities at Oglebay and Wheeling Park. Scholarships are given based on financial need.

Thanks to the firm’s generosity and the event’s success, all children, regardless of their family’s financial situation, can enjoy golf, pedal boats, fishing, swimming, water slide, tennis, ice skating, snowboarding and skiing, as well as visits to the Good Zoo and the Oglebay Institute’s Glass Museum, Mansion Museum and the Environmental Education Center.

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“The Oglebay Foundation’s relationship with Bordas & Bordas plays a critical role in the park’s ability to continue to grow and evolve,” Janelsins said. “Our strong, long-term partnership ensures that every child in our area can not only take advantage of everything the parks have to offer, but also thrive as they grow and develop. Access is the most important investment the community can make.”

Blass shared, “The Bordas & Bordas Amateur Golf Classic saw increased numbers this year, and the field was absolutely tremendous. The partnership between Bordas & Bordas and the Oglebay Men’s Golf Club made continuing the more than 80-year-old tradition possible, and we raised money for kids. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

The Oglebay Foundation’s Access to the Parks program reaches approximately 1,500 children annually who visit the park 10 times a year on average.