Discover the Joy of Birding at the Brooks Bird Club’s January Gathering

The meeting of the Headquarters Chapter of the Brooks Bird Club, based in Wheeling, is scheduled for January 6, 2024 at the Schrader Environmental Education Center. The Schrader Center is located in Oglebay Park.  The meetings are open to the public.  There is no charge to attend. The group meets monthly at the Schraer Center during the fall and winter months, and features a speaker on various birding topics.  The spring and summer meetings are outdoor events.
The January meeting includes a walk or social hour (depending on the weather) starting at 11 a.m.  A potluck lunch will follow. Bring your own table setting and drink.  The program starts at 1 p.m., featuring special guest speakers Jim and Elaine Butler.  The program is titled “A Naturalist’s Exploration of the Birds, Wildlife, Pyramids and Pharaohs of Egypt
Wildlife was a prominent part of the lives and religion of the Pharaohs of North Africa. Their daily activities were intertwined with the birds and other animals throughout their lives and afterlives. We’ll see their bird and wildlife statues, hieroglyphs, paintings and mummies inside the pharaohs’ tombs and temples. We travel the Nile River witnessing and photographing the rich bird life migration assemblies along the way. Rare specialties were photographed, and we ventured into the wild heart of the Sahara Desert to Wadi-al Hitan, the valley of the exposed fossil whales, which we photographed. Visit the Sphinx, the Pyramids, our desert camel adventure and deluxe travel on the Nile with the Viking ship Ra. Learn about mythic legends concerned with the caves of Pan, forest Centaurs, nature spirits, ghosts and profound alien influences, which will surprise you.
More information regarding the Brooks Bird Club can be located on their website,
About the Brooks Bird Club Headquarters Chapter:
The Brooks Bird Club, Inc. is an independent, educational, non-profit organization that promotes the study and enjoyment of birds and other elements of the natural world. Its purpose is to inform members and the public of environmental issues, to encourage intelligent use of our natural resources and preservation of our natural heritage.  The club undertakes studies that have scientific value, including population and breeding bird surveys. The symbol of the club is the American Redstart, a Neotropical wood warbler that breeds throughout the state.