CCHS Homecoming: Sundaes & Saints

The mass at Wheeling Central was exceptionally special this homecoming week. There was a noticeable feeling of excitement in the air. As I looked around and saw the whole student body gathered in the great hall, there were many smiling faces. In addition there was more participation than normal, especially among the upperclassmen. This included singing from some of the more often than not silent participants. The scripture and homily was also remarkably special because September 29th is the feast day of the three archangels who are venerated in the Catholic church.

Along with celebrating mass, all students received ice cream sundaes at lunch. The teachers helped serve this treat to the students, along with helping them choose different toppings to go on them.

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Going to mass every week is one of the biggest privileges we receive in a Catholic school. It is very easy to take this gift for granted, but going to mass every week is what makes Central different. This aspect of our lives unites us not only with each other, but with Jesus. In many ways this week was new and different with the various dress up days and fun activities; however, the Homecoming mass brings back familiar feelings and a sense of tradition that is and will always be present the halls and hearts of the Central students, faculty, alumni, and clergy.

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