Celebrate Your Dog in Wheeling

The dog days are not over! Every day is a dog day for those of us with four-legged pup friends. There is always something worth celebrating about a dog. Perhaps she learned a new trick, or maybe he’s just so good at being cute. While it’s so easy to celebrate your dog all the time, April 27 is extra special, as it is a dog holiday! You may not know it, but the last Saturday of April is National Little Pampered Dog Day. As it should be. Every dog deserves to be pampered with lots of treats and all the belly rubs. So, stock up on your Milk-Bones and get some of your little pal’s favorite toys ready to celebrate Little Pampered Dog Day. 

There are so many ways to pamper your pet. You could take them on a spa day to one of the many groomers in Wheeling. If you’ve got a playful pup, you could take them to one of Wheeling’s three dog parks for a game of fetch in the sunshine. You could even take your pup out on a date to one of the dog-friendly establishments in Wheeling, like Late Alligator or Brewkeepers.

If you want to celebrate your dog on more than Little Papered Dog Day, mark your calendar for May 18. That fine day will be the second-ever FidoFest at Wheeling Park’s Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park! FidoFest is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your furry best friend. It is a total dog party hosted by Volunteer Wheeling that promises to be full of fun for you and your pup! Need some new special snacks or cute clothes for your little buddy? There will be tons of vendors with all kinds of goodies. From bandanas and collars to leashes and dog treats, you can get all kinds of dog-centric treats.

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Dogs trying on cute bandanas at least year’s FidoFest.

Do you have the absolute cutest outfit for your pup? An old Halloween costume? An outfit that matches yours? A too-stinkin-cute sweater? Well, get your dog all dressed up and bring them down for the costume contest, where you have the chase to win a fabulous prize. If you’re in the mood for prizes, but find yourself without an adorable costume, there will also be plenty of raffle baskets you can try for. 

A costumed pup and owner from last year.

There will be so much more to enjoy at FidoFest! The day will include music, food trucks, inflatables for kids, and more fun dog-themed entertainment. There’s also going to be a brand-new art installation for the public to enjoy. It features paintings of dogs of Wheeling by local residents. Perhaps best of all, if you need a fur friend in your life, there will be dogs there to adopt! 

So, if you want to love on your dog on Little Pampered Dog Day or take them to the dog party of FidoFest on May 18, there’s always an opportunity to treat your furry friends. Every day is a great day if you’ve got a dog.


• Makayla Carney, a Wheeling native, is the 2023-2024 AmeriCorps member for Wheeling Heritage, where she will get to write all about the history and culture of her hometown. She has a B.F.A. in Film and Television from DePaul University in Chicago. She adores all kinds of art, a lavender latte, and the occasional performance on the Towngate Theatre stage.