Missy Ashmore with Kennen & Kennen Realtors has competed in the past but is serving as a volunteer organizer for this year's event.

Challenge Wheeling 2016

Saturday, June 18th was the annual Challenge Wheeling scavenger run to benefit Youth Services System. The weather was hot, and the sun’s rays reflected from the Wesbanco building gave the event’s 14th St headquarters much of the look and feel of an Easy-Bake Oven. But ice water and even more delicious beverages were in ample supply, and when the envelopes were opened at noon, the contestants were off to shoot photos of themselves in and around a selection of Wheeling landmarks.

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The Rum Runners team of Amber Doyle and Kristie Barnett put the heat behind them the fastest, turning in a 1:06:02 performance, enough to outpace the second-place Nature Walkers by almost 3 minutes. An equally important win was clinched in the costume contest by the Village Scavengers of Gold, Kourey & Turak. Costume-ization honors was also bestowed upon The Golden Oldies and The Four Seasons.

I drove Weelunk photographer Wallis around town in a car while we drank slurpees, so don’t let her claim to have suffered much to get these pictures.

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Photos by Wallis