City of Wheeling Asks Community Members to Complete Survey About Future Clay School Redevelopment

The City of Wheeling is excited to launch a digital survey to provide residents a vehicle to share their perspectives on the future of the former Clay School site located in East Wheeling. The City encourages all residents to participate, as the results will be tabulated and serve as the foundation for a later community meeting.

Access to the digital survey is through the following link:

For residents that do not have access to a computer with internet access or a smartphone, physical copies of the survey will be available upon request from the City of Wheeling or Wheeling Heritage.

The survey provides an opportunity for residents to express their opinions, share valuable insights, and contribute to the decision-making process regarding the Clay School’s revitalization.

While the City encourages all residents, regardless of their location within Wheeling to participate, the voices of those residing in East Wheeling are of particular importance.The Clay School, which has remained vacant for several years, presents a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the East Wheeling community.

“In an effort to make the most informed and thoughtful decisions about its future, the City of Wheeling aims to gather diverse perspectives and ideas from the community. The survey responses will play a pivotal role in shaping the Clay School Conceptual Redevelopment Plan, which will be developed by real estate development consultant Tipping Point,” says Robert Herron, Wheeling City Manager.

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“At Tipping Point, our mission is to unlock a neighborhood’s highest potential through commercial real estate.  It is ingrained in our DNA to actively involve the community and empower residents to have a say in their future,” said Jim Ambrose, President of Tipping Point.

The survey will play a crucial role in establishing potential development scenarios for the area and will remain open until June 30th.

The City of Wheeling and Tipping Point will work with East Wheeling’s community stakeholders to organize and facilitate an in-person community meeting based on the data. The primary goal of the meeting will be to explore the biggest opportunities discovered, and establish potential development scenarios.

Tipping Point will then collaborate with a design and construction team to establish those scenarios into tangible conceptual development plans and calculate potential proformas to determine the viability and long term financial sustainability of the proposed development scenarios.

Tipping Point will deliver the results of these scenarios to the City, which will make the final decisions on the future of this site.

About Tipping Point

Tipping Point is a commercial real estate developer that acts as a catalyst for real change by celebrating public funding, job creation, and community impact. By putting city officials and their constituents ahead of investments and ROI, we aim to unlock a neighborhood’s highest potential through real estate development. For areas that need revitalization, we believe the power to rebuild starts with the people and its representatives. More information is available at