City’s Recycling Program Now Accepting Corrugated Cardboard

The City of Wheeling’s Residential Recycling Program began more than 25 years ago and included materials such as cans and paper. Beginning Monday, July 1, corrugated cardboard will be added to the list of recyclables.

Director of Public Works Russell Jebbia explained that the cardboard will be picked up curbside with the other materials — food cans, pop/beer cans, newspapers, magazines and paper — but there are a few guidelines that must be followed.

“Cardboard must be clean and dry. It should be broken down so it is flat and fits into the recycling bin — no larger than 12 inches by 18 inches,” he said, stressing pizza boxes and food containers dirty with food mess will not be accepted, nor will wet cardboard.

The curbside recycling program serves all neighborhoods within the city limits with pickup alternating once every two weeks.

“To recycle, simply place recyclable materials in the recycle bin and set the bin on the front curb on trash day every other week according to the schedule,” he said.

For additional information about recycling, to view a detailed list of acceptable items or the recycling calendar, visit city’s recycling webpage.

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Councilor and Public Works Committee Vice Chair Wendy Scatterday said the key to a more sustainable recycling program that better meets the needs of the citizens of Wheeling is to increase participation.

“Working with the Ohio and Brooke County’s Solid Waste Authorities to incrementally expand the materials that can be collected is our best option to improve the services offered by the City of Wheeling,” she said. “We are excited to take this important step in hopes that it will lead to more people, recycling more material, more often, which ultimately will lead to reduced waste in our local landfill.”

Jebbia noted that the recycling fee is already included in residents’ water bills and that multiple bins can be utilized at no additional cost. Residents who need a bin or an extra bin can purchase one for $13.60 by calling the city’s finance department at 304-234-3653 or by visiting Suite 115 in the City-County Building, 1500 Chapline St.

Wheeling’s Residential Recycling Program began in October 1993. Last year, the city recycled 125 tons of materials.