Cool Off With Cold Brew From These Wheeling Coffee Shops

Who doesn’t like to start their morning with a little caffeine buzz? While coffee is a morning essential for many, with summer temperatures on the rise a hot cup of joe might not sound too refreshing. 

Luckily, cold brew coffee is one of the hottest new trends in the U.S. coffee market, and Wheeling has plenty of coffee shops offering up their spin on this popular drink. 

Weelunk has you covered with a list of the best places to grab a cold brew as the heat hits the city. 

Later Alligator

This former saloon turned adorable eatery has been visited by the infamous Lady Gaga on numerous occasions and boasts the best crepes in the city. With a lush garden patio and standing room outside, this is most definitely one of the best places in the city of Wheeling to have an ice-cold campfire mocha with whipped cream. You’ll love the perfectly toasted marshmallows that top this sweet and satisfying drink.


This is one of the newer coffee shops on the block, but it has gained notoriety quite quickly and for good reason. Mugshots is located in Downtown Wheeling, adjacent to Market Plaza — a newly resurrected portion of Wheeling where people do yoga, play music and dog lovers meet up for walks. Mugshots offers housemade sandwiches, desserts and you guessed it — iced coffees. With art draped over the walls, delicious cups of cold brew with homemade whipped cream and a beautiful view overlooking the Ohio River, this newcomer is sure to be a forever Wheeling location. 

Hillwood Farms Coffee at Nicky’s Garden Center

Until recently, this beautiful garden center and coffee shop was a well-kept secret. Now, everyone in the city and beyond has learned just how amazing Nicky’s Garden Center is, as it always seems to be bustling with excitement. If you love the taste of cold brew coffee, but don’t want the jitters, you can opt for one of their CBD-infused iced beverages that are believed to help balance out some of the more undesirable effects of caffeine consumption.

Sarah’s on Main

While Sarah’s on Main is famous for their salty bread and an amazing breakfast and lunch menu, they also have great coffee! Community-oriented and offering healthy delicious meals alongside authentic coffee options, this is a spot you need to visit. Enjoy a cold brew coffee with their homemade vanilla cold cream in their outdoor courtyard and soak in the best of summer. 

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Table 304

You have probably seen Table 304’s spectacular charcuterie boards on Instagram, but did you know that they also serve coffee? Located inside the iconic Wheeling Flatiron Building, you can treat yourself to one of their most popular coffee drinks, the cinnamon cereal cold brew. This drink is topped with sweet cream cold foam and crushed cereal.

The Market Café

With boutiques, antique shops and breweries on the same block, you’ll want to make this your first stop during a visit to Centre Market. This little corner bistro also offers daily lunch specials, house-made sweet treats and a private room for small events. If you aren’t sure which cold brew to try, this Centre Market staple offers coffee flights, which include a nitro cold brew. 

Wheeling Coffee Shoppe

Sadie Hobbs enjoys getting her iced cold brew with no whipped topping and a pink straw for a little flair. 

While Downtown Wheeling boasts plenty of coffee shops, if you head over to Woodsdale you can treat yourself to a handcrafted drink from Wheeling Coffee Shoppe. This quaint shop is located just down the street from Wheeling University and on the bustling street of Washington Avenue. You will often see people playing chess outside and old friends catching up alongside children playing outside of the plant nursery outback. 

Wheeling Coffee & Spice Co.

Wheeling Coffee & Spice Co. in Downtown Wheeling has been serving up quality coffee since 1886. This historic shop provides its own coffee grounds for its location and many others in the area. With cozy couches and lounge chairs, this is the most comfortable location to enjoy some iced coffee with beans that are roasted in the very same building under the name Paramount Super Coffee.

Now that you know all of the best places to grab an iced coffee in Wheeling, which shop will you be visiting this week?

• With a background in journalism and being a true Wheeling native, Jessica Broverman was destined to work with Weelunk. She holds a degree in journalism with a minor in criminal justice and works with Williams Lea Tag as a legal proofreader. When she isn’t typing away for Weelunk or WLT, she is enjoying a coffee at one of her many favorite spots in Wheeling, spending time with friends, or having fun with her husband Zachary and their two cats, Proctor and Max.