Corpus Christi Expands its Green With New Recycling Focus

Saving the earth is everyone’s job, and Corpus Christi School believes it is important to teach these responsibilities to its students. In honor of Earth Day, students at CCS created recycled art and now recycle markers.

Since 2016, the small Catholic school has partnered with Scrappy Pappy a locally owned, non-landfill affiliated, recycling business. The students recycle glass, paper, plastic, aluminum and electronics every day.

“We are teaching our students what they can recycle and why it is an important contribution to our community and the world,” said Principal Dick Taylor. “This year we added two more green initiatives.”

The fifth-grade class, front, from left: Gianna Blake, Ciera Faulstick and Kylie Forshey; back row, from left: Paisley Jones, Landon Maine, Logan Roxby, Dominic Gianangeli, Griffin Vogrin and Haji Marin.

Art Teacher Molly Gianangeli has taught students to design art out of recyclable goods. All grades worked on a different subject creating robots out of pop cans, turtles out of two-liter pop bottles, animals out of papers, candles holders out of CDs and plastic spoons.

“We also just expanded our recycling program and partnered with Crayola in the Color Cycle. This program is designed to repurpose plastic markers. We are collecting all brands of plastic markers, including dry erase markers and highlighters. After we have a large batch of markers we will be packing them up to ship them off to Crayola where they will repurpose the entire marker, regardless of the different kinds of plastic or how they are assembled,” said Taylor.

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Fourth-grader Madison Lewis

“The company uses special methods and melts them down to turn the markers into fuel. This project is another way for our students to understand the importance of their role in protecting the environment,” he added.

“My class was thrilled when I shared this fun recycling program with them. This is a great program for schools to get involved in, and the project will keep thousands of tons of plastic out of landfills every year. Our students are having fun with recycling and making the world a greener place,” said third-grade teacher Lisa Simmons.

Corpus Christi School will continue to build on their green program every year and teach students why is it important to take time out of their day to recycle.

“Remember, you are only given one world — let’s work together and make it a greener place,” said Taylor.

Sixth-grader Christopher Seamon

To get involved in CCS Color Cycle program, drop old markers off to Corpus Christi School located at 1512 Warwood Ave., Wheeling, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and  3:30 p.m.

(CCS is a private, Catholic school educating students from preschool to eighth grade. Founded in 1916 and originally staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph, it continues a 101- year tradition of excellence in Catholic education. For more information, call 304-277-1220.)