Corpus Christi School Students Cooking up a Healthy Storm

Corpus Christi School (CCS) partnered with the Culinary Arts program at West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC)  for a “Kids Can Cook” class.

WVNCC Associate Professor of Culinary Arts Chris Kefauver taught the fourth through eighth grade students of CCS about the importance of cooking nutritional meals. Discussed healthy alternatives to sugary drinks and high fat foods, the importance of portion control, and smart snacking.

“Students joined in and prepared from scratch a whole wheat pasta meal with fresh zucchini under the guidance of Chef Chris. He also encouraged students to try raw broccoli, snow peas, tomatoes, and peppers while he was preparing the food,” said Miranda Shaner, Advancement Director.

He stressed to the students the importance of trying different foods without condiments and exploring all the food groups. He also gave each grade level different herbs to grow in the classroom. These fresh spices will be used in CCS salad bar and during lunches.

“We are grateful to partner with WVNCC to do a hands-on cooking experience with our students. This was all made possible through our Highmark Foundation Grant Empowering Kids- TOOLS for a Healthy Lifestyle awarded last year. This program works in conjunction with our health class,” said Dick Taylor, Principal.

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Chef Chris and Logan Roxby

“We understand schools can be one of the most effective settings to boost health and wellness for children. Good health leads to improved concentration, better attendance, higher grades, and fewer discipline problems,” said Taylor.

Students also learned about the importance of using basic math, reading, and science skills while cooking. Studies show when kids participate in making nutritious foods, they are more likely to eat the results.

“CCS wants to encourage students to get involved in the kitchen. Our goal is to improve our students’ nutrition and fitness health habits. Also, through our Empowering Kids- TOOLS for a Healthy Lifestyle students are receiving education about exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and the importance of prayer,” said Taylor.

Corpus Christi School is a Catholic school located at 1512 Warwood Avenue and enrolls students from Preschool through Eighth Grade. For complete information, call 304-277-1220 or visit