Corpus Christi Strengthens Engages Green Initiative


Corpus Christi School (CCS) is the first Wheeling-area elementary/middle school to partner with Scrappy Pappy’s, a locally owned, non-landfill affiliated, recycling Wheeling business. The new partnership continues its efforts at building sustainability and strengthening its student activities, according to Advancement Director Angela Zambito-Hill.

“We are so proud to have this comprehensive recycling program with Scrappy Pappy’s. As CCS celebrates a 100th anniversary year, this is just one more effort to build for the future,” said Principal Dick Taylor. The school will now recycle glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, electronics and more.

“This initiative also presents a very exciting educational opportunity for our students to become good global citizens,” he said. “The students will be responsible for separating items to really make this work. We are teaching them what they can recycle and why it is an important contribution to our community and the world. We also hope to visit the recycling site and have guest speakers to teach us more about the process of recycling.”

There is a lot of excitement among parents, students and teachers about the new recycling program.

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One parent felt passionate about the program and decided to sponsor it with a generous donation.

“We are so fortunate that Marc Seamon offered to sponsor this program,” said Zambito-Hill.

“It came as a pleasant surprise when Marc stepped forward after a PTG (Parent Teacher Guild) meeting and asked me if he could write a check. Marc was so pleased with the news to begin this initiative, he wanted to help make it a reality. We are touched by his generosity,” she continued.

The school’s green initiative adds to recent facility updates including a new air conditioning system, new scholarship funds and a focus on increasing enrollment.

CCS is a private, Catholic School educating students from Preschool to Eighth Grade. Founded in 1916 and staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph, they continue a 100-year tradition of Catholic education. The focus is enriching students’ lives through a quality religious education, collaborative working environment, individualized classroom instruction and excellent academic standards. Current enrollment is 130 students from Preschool 3 to Eighth Grade.


CCS is located at 1512 Warwood Avenue. For more information, please call 304-277-1220.