COVID-19: Sidewalk Chalk Inspirational Messages Offer Hope

Editor’s note: At Weelunk, we’re all about keeping you connected to your community. Since that looks a little different right now, we’re bringing you ways to engage while staying safe and healthy. We hope Weelunk can continue to connect you to Wheeling — no matter where you are.

Those who explored the Woodsdale and Edgwood neighborhoods in Sunday’s sunshine could’ve seen these inspirational chalk messages — before today’s rain washed them all away.

Martyna Matusiak, associate professor of art at West Liberty University, organized the Chalk Your Walk event to spread kindness to neighbors. She got the idea from a Pittsburgh friend who did a similar event in her neighborhood, Matusiak said.

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“I immediately thought about Woodsdale. I have two kids Olek (7) and Lena (5) and the social distancing is really hard on them, and all of us. I just wanted to bring some positivity and encouragement. It was a good way to say ‘we are all in this together,’ and it is also a fun activity for kids. I hope it continues beyond just one day and beyond Ward 4 as long as we are allowed to go outside,” Matusiak said.

Neighborhood moms, dads, kids and grandparents all got in on the action!

Enjoy the slideshow of their heartfelt efforts below: