Do You Weelunk?

Three years ago an idea was born. It centered around a feeling that things in Wheeling, West Virginia were moving forward, but in a direction simliar to kids about to slide down an icy number 11 at Crispin: head first with no sled. Wheeling needed a sled. It needed something that could reach a digital generation, something that would celebrate positivity, something that would make connections between people and organizations, and that would provide a platform for idea sharing.

In November celebrated its 2nd anniversary.

Through the leadership and readership of Chief Writer Steve Novotney

9,000+ Facebook followers

1.75 million pageviews

1,200 stories published

300+ story contributors (people like you – weelunkers)

A Weelunk Video production

The Weelunk Show on WTRF 7

…even a Weelunk beer at the Wheeling Brewing Company

One of our favorite parts of Weelunk is the fact that anyone can be a part of the team. You can write a story, propose an idea, add an event or join a conversation.

But do you Weelunk?

Here are two ways that allow you to join the movement:

Send us a story (don’t be scared, we have editors), photography, video, poetry or art.

Subscribe to Weelunk

Advertise with us. Here’s the deal – we don’t own a baseball team or anything. We have two employees. We have bills to pay. When you advertise with Weelunk, you are not only reaching a digital and diverse demographic, (25-65 yrs old), but you are sustaining a local company that wants to Do Something to help Wheeling grow into its best self.

We offer banner ads, limited advertorials and sponsorship opportunities.

If you would like to reach a broader audience, you can now bundle a package that takes your message state-wide through our sister-sites.

And if you make a commitment to advertise for 2017 before January 1, 2017, we are offering discounted rates for helping us kick off another year.

Here are a couple of testimonials of organizations that have advertised with us:

“We’ve been advertising with Weelunk now for six months, we’ve seen an uptick in Facebook and website traffic that translated in more foot traffic for our shops and restaurants.”

Kurt Zende, Centre Market Manager 

“Weelunk does a great job posting about small businesses and places people wouldn’t know much about otherwise.”

Robert G, Benwood, WV

“In our business it’s challenging to find effective and authentic marketing.  The article did an excellent job of creating awareness that the property is for sale and did a terrific job of reaching our target audience – those who Love Wheeling and appreciate it’s history.  We look forward to creating more articles in the future.”

Missy Ashmore, Realtor

Want to Weelunk?

Message us on Facebook, email us at or give Jeremy Morris a call at: 304-319-6004