West Liberty University’s annual fundraiser, The Great Gala, celebrates its eighth installment with a “British Invasion” theme at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 28. Held in Oglebay Resort’s Glessner Auditorium, the Great Gala includes an exquisite meal, open bar and music. This spring, the music is by the band Beatlemania Magic, a national touring tribute band honoring The Beatles. Decorations will copy the mid-1960 pop culture.


The Great Gala is known for its fun cocktail hour, top-shelf music, and a rotating theme that allows for creativity and fun for the guests. In year’s past, patrons donned wild hats for the Kentucky Derby, elegant gowns for the Oscars and Hawaiian garb for last year’s “Night in Hawaii.” This year’s theme has generated excitement, but also many questions similar to this sentiment, “What the heck am I supposed to wear?”

Keeping in mind that this year’s party is not a Woodstock-era, hippie night, but rather, when the Beatles arrived in the USA circa 1964, the following is an attempt to provide some guidance in that regard.

Mod (Modern) Fashion

Mod fashion was innovative, creative, bold and brash. Sixties fashion belonged to London, England. The British set the tone, and the world followed. The 1960s ushered in an attitude of “anything goes” and reflected the shifting politics of the day. “Do your own thing” applied to clothes as well. Many associate “Mod” with the London model, Twiggy.


Think mini-skirts, short dresses, patterns and high boots.


Think long, narrow and colorful jackets, skinny pants and skinny ties.

Shopping suggestion: www.rustyzipper.com/mod


Self explanatory. People will be attending this year’s event dressed as Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth.


Think excessive jewelry, hats and sashes.


Think military uniforms, canes and medals.

Shopping suggestion: www.crownmasters.com

The Beatles

Pay tribute to the stars of the show. Luckily for us, The Beatles helped set the fashion stage throughout the decade.

Women and Men

Think grey suits, wigs, skinny ties, Sgt. Pepper’s … and “The Walrus”?

Shopping Suggestion: halloweencostumes.com

All Things England

Here’s where the creative ones like to be.

Women and Men

Think anything with a Union Jack, Austin Powers, Mick Jagger, Penny Lane, Shakespeare, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins and  on and on and on …

Shopping Suggestion: www.unionjackwear.co.uk

There are limited tickets remaining for the big night. Feel free to contact Jason Koegler with any questions: jkoegler@westliberty.edu or purchase tickets here:

Great Gala 2018


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