Find Out Where You Can Have Fitness, Food, and Fun Under One Roof!

“The vision is for this to be a place where you can grab a drink with friends after doing something good for yourself,” Flying Spoon co-owner, Donn McCombs states.  The Flying Spoon, a new local fitness, eatery, and bar, aims to open by the end of summer. The “blended business” model combines Donn, and fellow co-owner, her husband Clayton’s, passions: fitness and food.  

“My husband has always been interested in the restaurant business, and he has really taken on the concept of perfecting a healthy (and also hearty) eatery. Fitness is my passion. I fell in love with a yoga class nearly ten years ago, and became a certified yoga teacher two years ago.” The vision of this blended model has been years in the making.

Over the last three years, the McCombs have fully renovated their location at 87 33rd Jacob Street in Wheeling. “It’s been a very long process,” according to McCombs. They’ve created a menu and focused on unique and delicious sandwiches that include Cuban, shaved turkey, and Italian, along with soups, salads, smoothies, and coffees. In addition to the front-of-house eatery and cafe, the Flying Spoon will also offer beer and wine. “We want to keep it healthy, but also have the ability to splurge on the good stuff.” This business will operate in conjunction with Donn’s yoga classes, Flying Spoon Yoga.

  • The restaurant side of The Flying Spoon will soon be open to customers, offering a variety of healthier eats.

The Flying Spoon plans to operate similarly to the food truck industry in an effort to cut down on food waste: “Food trucks typically prep their food, and when they run out for the day, they stop selling. We plan to operate this way to avoid any wasted product.”  

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While the Flying Spoon is waiting on final approvals from the city and state for customers, Donn has moved her yoga classes to the official Flying Spoon location on Jacob Street. Previously, Donn would travel to a variety of locations throughout Wheeling to teach yoga, so she’s excited to be able to offer yoga from this new studio. Classes are typically offered for all levels Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, but weekly schedules and class registration can be found by following Flying Spoon on Instagram or Facebook.

With newer establishments in the neighborhood like The Foundry, The Silver Rail and Play and Stay, South Wheeling is proving itself to be ready and welcoming to new businesses. So, whether you are looking to enjoy a new local eatery or want to try a yoga session (or both!), the Flying Spoon is a great way to experience Wheeling’s fresh food and fitness opportunities.

Karin Butyn was born and raised in Wheeling, WV. A graduate of Wheeling Central, West Liberty University, and Wheeling Jesuit University, Karin spent nearly a decade teaching both English as Second Language and Reading Language Arts. She is currently in her third year as an Assistant Principal for Ohio County Schools. In her free time, she enjoys running and music. She and her husband, TJ, are raising their young sons, Finn and Watson, in Warwood.