‘Fun with Fillo’ — Cooking Demos Return to the Grecian Festival

Maria Kayafas and Patty Papadimitriou Dunlevy will present cooking shows at 2:30 p.m. on July 25, 26 and 27 at the Wheeling Grecian Festival, located at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church, 2215 Chapline St. in Wheeling.

There will be a full demonstration, copies of the recipes available and samples of the treat.

This year, the show will demonstrate how to make Galaktoboureko. This is a traditional Greek dessert made with custard that is baked in a crispy fillo pastry shell, then bathed in a delicious, sweet syrup. The traditional filling is a custard made with milk, sugar, eggs, fine semolina, butter and vanilla.

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The plan is to present something new every year. This will not only be fun, but will show viewers how easy it is to work with fillo. Fillo can be intimidating, for sure, for those who didn’t grow up using it in their kitchen. The demonstration should take approximately 30 minutes, allowing people to have the opportunity to watch and learn.

“This is hands-down my family’s favorite Greek dessert. It’s not as sweet as typical Greek desserts, but is the perfect combination of sweet, crisp and creamy. Our bake table at the festival typically sells this warm or at room temperature, and it’s absolute perfection,” said Dunlevy.

Patty Papadimitriou  Dunlevy, left, and Maria Kayafas will present cooking shows during the Wheeling Grecian Festival.