Get Out, Explore, Bring Beer

“Get Out, Explore, Bring Beer.” That’s Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company’s (GVBC) mission statement and a good one to live by. They have a huge sense of pride for West Virginia, as they have named their brews after local legends and mythical figures hailing from the Mountain State. They want everyone to experience the meaning behind Wild and Wonderful West Virginia by enjoying their tasty and refreshing craft beer after a day of adventure, whether it’s indoors or out.
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Located right outside of Lewisburg, W.Va., GVBC was started by partners Wil Laska and David Kucera. Once an old upholstery factory, the building now houses a state-of-the-art brewing facility.  The facility features a 3 vessel, 17 barrel brewhouse, with 190 barrel fermentation capacity. The brewhouse also includes a Meura mash filter providing brewing efficiencies greater than 95%. They also have a taproom area built from salvaged pallets and bourbon barrels, courtesy of Smooth Ambler Spirits.

The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company began with a passion for beer and some good storytelling between Wil and David.  David, a craft beer enthusiast and home brewer, shared his brewery dreams with his newly found business partner.  Wil, a retired U.S. Navy pilot, business man, and craft beer connoisseur, sprang into action making those brewery dreams a reality.  No brewery is complete without a Brewmeister. Enter Brian Reymiller.  Eighteen years of experience creating superior artisanal beers made Brain an excellent addition to the Greenbrier Valley Brew Crew.

The release of GVBC’s canned beer in January 2015 marked a historic month both at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co. and also for the State of West Virginia, as it had been 44 years since beer had been canned in West Virginia. West Virginia was the last U.S. state to offer a canned craft beer.  Proud to be involved in this historic celebration, Wil and David continue to push themselves to be creative with future plans of seasonal brews and specialty packaged beers.  The passion is there and the possibilities are endless!


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  • Devil Anse IPA – A medium bodied American style India Pale Ale. Featuring a blend of Australian and Pacific Northwest hops, lending to a balanced bitterness of citrus and tropical fruit characteristics. The complex hop flavors are balanced by a blend of malts; including American 2-Row, American Pilsner, and British floor malted barley. At 6.9% abv and 65 IBU’s, no feuding is necessary when you enjoy this refreshingly smooth IPA.

devilanse1 (170x200)

  • Wild Trail Pale Ale – A medium bodied golden-amber ale. Featuring the choicest hops from the Pacific Northwest, lending to a robust mango, tangerine, and piney flavor. Also dry hopped to add a slight floral and hoppy note. The robust hops are balanced by a blend of British floor malted barley and American 2-row. At a moderate 5.7% abv and 44 IBU’s, this is a flavorful, American Pale Ale. Enjoy at home or after an adventure on one of West Virginia’s wild trails.
    wild trail (160x200)
  • Mothman Black IPA – A hop forward, medium bodied black ale. The strong hop flavor is from the use of the choicest Pacific Northwest hops, lending to a balanced bitterness of citrus and hints of floral.  The German 2-row and English Crystal malts offer a touch of roasted toffee and chocolate.  At 6.7% abv and 71 IBU’s, this Black IPA promises to satisfy any hophead.mothman

WHERE TO DRINK: River City, Pickles, Grand Vue Park, Ye Olde Alpha, Wheeling B
rewing Company, 19th Hole, Generations

WHERE TO BUY: Kroger, CVS, Smoker Friendly, Convenient on Washington Ave, Gumby’s in Elm Grove and in Moundsville, Reisbeck’s



Editor’s Note: Weelunk is pleased to enjoy a partnership with Carenbauer Distributing. As you already know from this article, Carenbauer’s is a great Wheeling company and supports Weelunk’s mission of making Wheeling and the Valley an even better place to live. In exchange, we periodically highlight some beers and brewers that our readers may be interested in. So this is a paid piece, and now you know.