Global Wheeling: Yemeni Woman Makes Simple Request

Map by Norman Einstein

I am a Yemeni woman who wants for my country the best of development in all aspects of life. I believe the key for this is through education. For this reason, I decided to study hard and show people in my homeland the importance of education and how it impacts all aspects of life.  I got a chance to be in USA for a year in a cultural exchange program at West Liberty University.  Through this experience I got to see closer the kind of life American people enjoy, the huge social development of your country.  As I compared it with the situation in my country, I could see very big difference.  It was mainly on the acceptance of others because of the diversity in USA and the focus of Americans on production at work that make the two countries so different from one another.

Going back home from this unforgettably rich experience made me focus on the many lifestyles changes I looked forward to developing my country with other young people who share the same ideas. However my excitement was short-lived. Not long after I returned home, civil war broke out. The war began first as a political war but spread over to be a religious war between the two crescents of Islam: Sunni and Shia. We have been living peacefully with each other for hundreds of years with no such problems.

In reality, dirty political leaders took advantage of this claimed reason to achieve their greed and their ridiculous goals of control and authority.

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As a result of this futile war, many innocent people have died. Most of them are children and women who have no hand in this war. This is very much against Islam instruction, which calls for the tolerance and acceptance of others; but as  mentioned earlier, the religious purposes were just a mask to start the war, which is a basically a fight for the lead chair of our country!

Kafa on the campus of West Liberty University in 2014

The victims of this war are the civilians who had to flee their homes and leave all their things behind seeking safety for them and their children.  Many others stayed at their homes, through the intensive fall of bullets, rockets, and bombs upon their cities. They do this because they have no other places to move. As a result many families have suffered. Our entire way of life has suffered.

One more point to shed the light on this situation is that the consequences of this war in Yemen shut off all the governmental institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals, and some of the banks.  They are closed because of the destroying of the infrastructure of these buildings and the acute shortage of supplies and equipment.

My call to action for you is to not forget the war in Yemen; while the war in Syria dominates world news the struggle in Yemen is very much the same. I hope for all humanity in the world to look over our case with sincerity and to do something that may help the remaining innocent citizens to survive.