A Greener Linsly

By Becca Wilson

Weelunk.com Contributor 

As Wheeling takes initiatives to become a greener city, from supporting local farming efforts to highlighting recycling entrepreneurs, Linsly has taken its own initiative toward a sustainable campus and greener community.

Over the last few years, Linsly has taken multiple steps to cut back on energy by using LED bulbs for outdoor lighting, updating window treatments, and utilizing reusable materials for construction projects. Most recently, students at the 200 year-old day and boarding school in Wheeling have taken matters into their own hands by starting a Recycling Club with efforts to create an on-campus recycling program. With over 60 faculty and staff, 430 students and 70 of them living on campus full-time, recycling is no easy feat. However, the club’s perseverance has become inspiring to not only the school, but to the Linsly community as well.

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Since the club’s efforts began in September, it has strategically planned and implemented steps to create the program. In early December, the Linsly community rallied behind the club in support of its E-Waste Fundraiser, an initiative to collect used electronics to fund the recycling program. The fundraiser was so successful that the club can now make strides to execute the program beginning in the New Year. A bright start to the school’s 201st year, Linsly hopes to one day take its initiatives outside of the school and inspire the Wheeling community to follow.