Greenwood Cemetery Tour 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017 is the date of the next Friends of Wheeling historic tour of Wheeling’s Greenwood Cemetery. Costumed characters will portray the lives of some of Wheeling’s most notable … and notorious … citizens in continuous tours between 1:00 and 5:00 pm. The last tour will begin at 4:30.

This year’s tour will include: John Frew, newspaperman who was a partner with Archibald Campbell on the Wheeling Intelligencer Portrayed by Greg Smith]; (Margaret) Anna Parker Hall, Civil War nurse, later National President of the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic and suffragette [Portrayed by Gael Fincham]; Benjamin Exley, Sr., member of Carlin’s Battery during the Civil War, and member of a successful drug company founded by his son and namesake [Portrayed by Great Grandson Ben Exley, IV]; Laura Farnsworth Schenk, accused poisoner of her husband, wealthy meat packer John Schenk [Portrayed by Judi Hendrickson]; Robert Ritz, Wheeling High football star who was murdered two days after he led his team to a victory over arch rival Bellaire [Portrayed by Alex DeLorenzo]; and Harry Seybold, banker who was accused of taking money from the bank where he worked and using it to build a mansion in South Wheeling [Portrayed by Kim McCluskey].

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Also featured during the tour will be: Orville Dewey, iron/steel entrepreneur who retired to a life of travel and served as the first president of the Ft. Henry Club [Portrayed by Chris Bowie]; Sallie Howell Oglebay, socialite descendant of the Howell and Paull families and wife of Earl Oglebay [Portrayed by Jeanne Finstein]; Johnson Camden McKinley, coal entrepreneur who built Willow Glen mansion and grandfather of Congressman David McKinley [Portrayed by Great Grandson Bennett McKinley]; Bill Lias, Wheeling underworld leader who operated bootlegging and gambling establishments while also helping poor members of the community [Portrayed by Dave Clutter]; Charles Ahrens, prohibition agent who was in charge of destroying barrels of confiscated beer when he met his untimely death [Portrayed by Shawn Schwertfeger]; and Walter Sneddon, immigrant miner who was killed in the Benwood mine disaster, along with his son and 117 other men [Portrayed by Dave Barnett].

The tour is free and open to all ages. Parking is available at Wheeling Park, with shuttle service to and from the cemetery.