Photo Identification

Help Us Solve History’s Mysteries!

A Partnership Between Weelunk, Archiving Wheeling, and the Ohio County Public Library Archives

Do you recognize any of these people? These are all historic photos of Wheeling people, places, and things that need to be identified. Weelunk, Archiving Wheeling, and the Ohio County Public Library Archives have teamed up to reach out to Wheeling area residents or people that have lived in the Wheeling area at any time—we need your help identifying the individuals in these photos!

This is the start to an ongoing project to connect today’s Wheeling community to its historical resources and stories. In honor of Black History Month, this month’s photos are all related to the African American community in Wheeling. The more we know about the people in these photos, the more we can uncover important and sometimes forgotten histories of Wheeling. To learn more about crowdsourced history and unlocking history’s mysteries, check out Archiving Wheeling’s partner article here!

Check out the photos listed below—if you recognize someone, please submit your comment in the entry space below the specific photo! The more information you can give us, the more complete the historical record. Please help us by sharing this article far and wide on social media and directly with anyone you know from Wheeling—even if they don’t live here anymore!

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All photos are courtesy of the Ohio County Public Library Archives, Wheeling, WV. For more historic photos of the Wheeling area, events, and residents, check out OCPL’s Flickr page, here.

For more information or questions about this project, please email

This project is a partnership between Weelunk, Archiving Wheeling, and the Ohio County Public Library with additional support from Preserve WV AmeriCorps.

• Emma Wiley, originally from Falls Church, Virginia, was a former AmeriCorps member with Wheeling Heritage. Emma has a B.A. in history from Vassar College and is passionate about connecting communities, history, and social justice.


1 Summary adapted from “Valley Camp Coal Co., Night Shift Workers, 1939,” Ohio County Public Library Flickr, accessed February 24, 2021,