Easter Egg Window

Here’s How to Join in the Great Wheeling Easter Egg Hunt!

At Weelunk, we’re all about keeping you connected to your community. Because that looks a little different right now, we’re bringing you ways to engage while staying safe and healthy. We hope Weelunk can continue to connect you to Wheeling — no matter where you are.

Introducing the Great Wheeling Egg Hunt! Since Easter Egg Hunts are canceled this year due to COVID-19, families with children are looking for new ways to entertain their little ones. The Great Wheeling Egg Hunt allows families to walk or drive through their neighborhood searching for eggs! We hope that you’ll join us in bringing our community together at this difficult time, while showing our Wheeling pride!

• Download and print the Wheeling Easter Egg. There are two options for you to choose from:

Download the coloring sheet and put your artistic abilities to work. Fun for children and adults! Or, you can print the colored version. No crayons necessary!

Colored EggEgg Coloring Sheet

• Display your Wheeling Easter Egg on your front door or a window of your home. Leave it up until Easter Sunday.

• Next, go for a walk or a drive and search for Wheeling Easter Eggs all throughout Wheeling!

Coloring Contest

We would love to see your colored eggs! Share your Wheeling Easter Eggs using #GreatWheelingEasterEggHunt or email weelunk@weelunk.com by April 10th to enter our coloring contest. This is open to adults and children. Don’t worry grownups, you don’t have to share your age! Weelunk will share some of our favorites with you in the days to come!

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About the Wheeling Easter Egg

Valerie Piko, small business coordinator at Regional Economic Development Partnership, and Stefan Moray, a 7th grade social studies teacher at Triadelphia Middle School, came up with the design. Each of the elements have a tie to Wheeling!

• Nails are depicted on the top of the egg representing Wheeling’s history of steel and nail production, as well as our city’s pride in the Wheeling Nailers

• The five stars were inspired by the City of Wheeling flag, representing the major eras in Wheeling’s past

• The middle of the egg depicts our valley’s hills

• Wheeling’s iconic Suspension Bridge can also be found in the design

• The bottom of the egg represents the Ohio River and Wheeling Creek

A Community Coming Together – While Staying Apart

Valerie Piko came up with this project idea, and she enlisted the help of Stefan Moray to design the egg. Piko is a mom of twin toddlers, and she and her husband are trying their best to entertain their kids right now.

“My twins are turning three soon, and I was really looking forward to taking them to their first official Easter Egg Hunt this year. Unfortunately, they’re all canceled this year,” she said. “I was going to send something out to my neighbors asking them to help hide eggs for us, but then I thought, why not extend it throughout the whole city? If we’re doing that, we might as well make an official Wheeling Easter Egg!”