High School Voices: Life is a Blank Sheet

Editor’s Note: This is a collection of Wheeling Park High School senior voices about art and beauty and how social perceptions affect young people in the 21st Century.

While nature, architecture, and music all speak to me in an artistic way, I find life to be the most beautiful sight the world has to offer. Like every story, painting, or song a life has a beginning. Many scientists debate why or how, but no one can argue the sole fact that it is there. The spark of life that is not lost until the very end; childhood is a time of peace, excitement, hope, and adventure. Learning the ropes and experimenting with how the world works. One step turns to millions, an interest into a passion, and a trait into an entire personality. Childhood is the foundation for the rest of your life, but you cannot stay a child forever.

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The beauty of growing up is that it is not a steady line to the end. No one can grow up without a problem. Everyone cares about something and everyone cries occasionally and the conflicts that cause these feelings develop character and moves the story along. Without problems your life would flat line. There would be no learning. No growing. You have to fall to remember how good it feels to fly or else you may forget what the worth in living is in the first place. A life without worth is scarcely a life at all. And as we continue on, we begin to realize time is not eternal for us. We all come to the last step of the stairs, the final hoop to jump through, and the end of the road. Everyone knows it is coming, yet we all try to fight it. The beauty of death is not that it ends life. IT is that it pushes us to fight harder. To keep going before it is over we make goals to see new places, meet new people, fall in love. A mystery awaits on the other side of the finish line. Nobody truly knows what happens after we end our journey and that can be scary. But it is part of that beautiful story.

We mustn’t live our life fretting over the end. We must push the limits of our imagination. Our next great moment relies solely on the next move. When it is time to look back on our life, we will see the good and the bad. Everything we have done and everything we wish we had time for. There is no time for regrets and no time to get caught up in fear of the unknown. Our life is a blank sheet of paper we need to fill in on our own. The true art happens when we get the guts to pick up the pencil and draw.