Huntiful is Born launched Nov. 1 2014, and on July 1 2015 her first baby sister was born: in BEAUTIFUL Elkins, W. Va and in November we welcomed in WONDERFUL Martinsburg, W. Va.

Today we are proud to announce the arrival of the next member of the family with the launch of in THRIVING Huntington, W. Va.

Please check out — like it on Facebook and spread the word.  Indeed, Wheeling is growing, but Wheeling can only be as good as her state.  This is now a statewide movement. One can only dare to imagine what West Virginia might look like when its people have the chance to tell its story from the ground up, from the country roads to the mountain tops. If you are interested in bringing something like this to your own West Virginia community, please contact:

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From our friends in Huntington:

At Huntiful, we love Huntington and believe it’s full of compelling stories waiting to be told. Huntiful is a forum for sharing those stories and exchanging ideas. At this pivotal point in West Virginia’s history, we are finding the way forward by promoting progress, positivity and community activism. We encourage you to love your city by shopping local, befriending your neighbor and by simply getting out and enjoying all that is Huntington, WV.

Huntington’s character and tenacity shine through in the stories of its citizens. Stay tuned on Facebook or visit to read about what shapes the city we call home.


Check back in around May 1 for another exciting announcement.