I am Thankful for Beer

Editor’s Note: Weelunk is pleased to announce a partnership with Carenbauer Distributing. As you already know from this article, Carenbauer’s is a great Wheeling company and has stepped up to support Weelunk’s mission of making Wheeling and the Valley an even better place to live. In exchange, we will be periodically highlighting some beers and brewers that our readers may be interested in. As such, this is a paid piece, and now you know.

It’s the season of thanks! There’s nothing better than the smells of turkey roasting, grandma’s pumpkin pie baking, candles burning scents of cinnamon spices and apples, and the sound of football on television all day long. Thanksgiving is on its way. So what beers should you serve? Here are some new brews to consider.


Shock Top Pretzel Wheat – Everyone knows not to fill up with appetizers on Thanksgiving but we still crave a snack before the big meal … well now there’s a beer for that. Shock Top has united the classic taste of a crisp, cold beer and warm, bakery-fresh pretzels in its newest brew, Twisted Pretzel Wheat. This Belgian-style unfiltered wheat ale delivers the delicious taste and aroma of fresh pretzels. Once only a limited featured draft brew, Pretzel is now Shock Top’s winter seasonal available in 6 pack bottles.


Yuengling IPL – Want to impress your family? Offer them the latest creation from Yuengling … just hitting the shelves a week before Thanksgiving. Everyone knows that Yuengling doesn’t roll out with a new beer that often, so when it does, it’s definitely worth trying! Yuengling IPL (yes, India Pale Lager, not Ale) is a well-balanced lager with an unexpected mix of hops. This is not just a hopped up lager but a truly unique brew with a crisp, clean character, bursting with complex hop notes. IPL will serve as Yuengling’s winter seasonal.


Dinner’s Ready:

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Strongbow Gold Cider – You can’t beat the taste of a cider to compliment all the fixings of a Thanksgiving dinner. Strongbow Gold Cider is the world’s #1 cider and always a crowd pleaser. It is sweet and golden with a crisp kick, a hint of green apple and a long, bittersweet finish. Strongbow is available in a 6 pack gold-rimmed bottle and part of a 12 pack variety pack available at Kroger.


Bud Light Cran-Brrr-Rita – You really want to reach for some cranberries, but you just can’t get pass the look of them jiggling straight from the jar. Drink this instead. Bud Light Cran-Brrr-Rita highlights the Rita’s ability to innovate year-round by combining a staple flavor of the holiday season, cranberry, with Bud Light Lime to create a refreshing, flavorful cocktail alternative. Pour over ice and “voila”…cranberries are served.


Goose Island brews – Nothing looks better next to a turkey than a Goose. Can’t decide which flavor to pick up? No fears … pick them all up! Goose Island offers an Autumn Flight Pack complete with IPA, Autumn Ale, 10 Hills Pale Ale, and an Elk Mountain Experimental Ale. Available at Kroger and Riesbecks.


Time for Pie:

Kona Pipeline Porter – We all know that pie pairs perfectly with a cup of Joe, so this beer is your perfect pick. Kona’s seasonal beer Pipeline Porter is made with Kona coffee, and it shows. While many dark beers boast coffee flavors, this one goes beyond a whiff of java to a full-blown true coffee taste. Pipeline Porter is available at Convenient on Washington Ave and Kroger in Wheeling.


Remember … you can’t overcook the beer, so raise a glass and give thanks!