In Pictures: St. Mike’s Career Week

The St. Michael Parish School held a “Career and Hobby Fair” on Tuesday and several community professionals met with students to describe what they do.

SMPS Quality Education Committee Chair, Kim Contraguerro says, “Career Week is a celebration of the many different careers and hobbies of the people of our area. Each year we are so grateful for the many outstanding professionals and community members that come to our school to share their careers and hobbies. It opens our students’ eyes to the exciting possibilities that lay in their futures. ”

Subscribe to Weelunk was invited as well and after explaining the “Place of the Skull” meaning and all things about online journalism, students were asked, “If you could write a Weelunk article, what would it be?”

Here are their answers:

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We love their ideas and challenge you to become a “Weelunker” and write a story of your own!

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