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Weelunk Introduces Interactive Multimedia & More!

Finding a way to stay connected to the Wheeling community is especially important during this period of social distancing.

Looking to have a little virtual fun? Why not learn a bit about the community at the same time!

Well, check out the new Wheeling, West Virginia, interactive multimedia section of Weelunk for local podcasts, quizzes, videos and more about the town we love.

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Have you taken one of our Wheeling quizzes?

Which Wheeling neighborhood are you?

Which famous Wheeling woman are you?

Expand your Wheeling knowledge with quizzes on the history of local people and places.

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Watch videos about local businesses, cultural events and special series, like How WEE Met, featuring interviews that tell the tales of how Wheeling couples have found each other.

Feast your ears on podcasts that dig into the history of the region with expert guests, especially our series on Wheeling brewer Henry Schmulbach.

Then, leave a comment to start a conversation with your neighbors or to let us know what you think.

Introducing Wheeling Heritage Media

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These multimedia experiences are created by Wheeling Heritage Media, a subsidiary of Wheeling Heritage. We work to tell Wheeling’s story, both past and present. Through videos, podcasts, photos and other multimedia, we create content and provide digital access to help more people feel connected and engaged with their community.

Help us share Wheeling’s story. Let’s do something together!