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Join Us As We Revisit Our Podcast About Wheeling’s Most Notorious Brewer

It has been almost two years since the release of “Henry: The Life and Legacy of Wheeling’s Most Notorious Brewer,” a podcast by Wheeling Heritage Media. Wheeling Heritage will be revisiting the podcast by re-releasing all six episodes, one per week, right here on Weelunk.  The podcast is also available on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud by searching Wheeling Heritage.

Along with recapping the episodes, the Weelunk articles will share new behind-the-scenes videos and photos about Henry Schmulbach and the podcast.  The re-release will culminate with a panel discussion at Brew Keepers on Thursday, August 19 at 6 pm. At the panel event, Hal Gorby, Ryan Stanton, and Kevin Ayers will be answering questions about Henry Schmulbach, the podcast, and brewing itself. This re-release will wrap up just in time to raise a glass at the seventh annual Mountaineer Brewfest on Saturday, August 21.

[template_part type="video" title="Henry Podcast Preview" description="Whether you’re interested in Wheeling, brewing, or just people with fascinating life stories, we think you’ll enjoy the story of Wheeling’s most notorious brewer." url="https://youtu.be/Bbj4y759Cxw"]

The host, writer, and researcher for the podcast was Hal Gorby, who is a Teaching Associate Professor of History at West Virginia University whose work focuses on the immigration and working-class history of West Virginia and Appalachia in the late 19th and early 20th century. Ryan Stanton, who was a featured guest on the series, is a social studies teacher at Wheeling Park High School who is an enthusiast of Wheeling history and the life of Henry Schmulbach. Kevin Ayers, who was also interviewed for the series, is an owner of Brew Keepers and will contribute his brewing expertise to this discussion of perhaps the most famous brewer in Wheeling’s history.

“Henry: The Life and Legacy of Wheeling’s Most Notorious Brewer” explores many aspects of Henry Schmulbach’s life, including his early years of entrepreneurship in Wheeling after he and his family immigrated from Germany, his purchase and ownership of Schmulbach Brewing Company, and his involvement in an altercation that led to Henry on trial for murder.  It also explores the larger history and atmosphere of Wheeling during the Gilded Era into Prohibition, through themes like industry, immigration, and corruption, as well as the legacy of Henry Schmulbach in Wheeling today. Murder, crime, and beer – pour yourself a glass and have a listen!

Check back every Tuesday for a recap of each episode, along with new bonus content that you won’t want to miss!

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Katherine Leary is a summer intern at Wheeling Heritage. She is from Wheeling and is currently a senior at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts studying History.