Join The Weelunk Movement And Do Something

 By Steve Novotney

Who should contribute to Weelunk?

Everyone. You, every person you know, and all the folks whom you haven’t yet met here in the Upper Ohio Valley.


Because we all have our own interests and experiences, and all of our parents taught us that sharing is the right thing to do, right?

Bill Hanna reviews movies, television shows, and books. Robert Gaudio and Chuck Wood write about politics. Derrick McKee is a huge, “foodie,” as is Josh Wack. Sharon Goudy, Chris R., and Jesse Gandee love their neighborhoods.

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Damien A. Gabis and Melanee Sinclair are passionate about our American veterans. Jeff Yourkovich shares his tax expertise. Anne Harman travels – even outside of the valley. Marilyn Mull examines the ladies’ views.

Sarah Koegler told us a story about a new kind of wedlock in West Virginia. Matt Jackfert introduced Andre Raphel. Keely Camden examines education. Michael Toothman offers reality about the homeless and about black lung.

Jon-Erik Gilot explained why he chose to move home, and Erika Weidner insists joining a neighborhood “gang” is a good thing. Adam Mull looks forward to the ski season.

And Rebecca Kiger has opened our eyes with her eye.

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The primary goal of Weelunk is to engage and unite the residents in the Wheeling Metro Area, a region that covers Ohio, Marshall, and Belmont counties, and that includes folks who have lived here their entire lives, those who have moved back into the Upper Ohio Valley, and those who have chosen this area – for whatever reasons – to live. The writers who have voluntarily offered their insights thus far represent how that goal is being reached.

Weelunk is about you.

Do you own your own business? Have a particular hobby? Are you a parent? A teacher? A coach? A mother? A father? A grandparent?

Do you know a piece of history you would like to share? Insight into the future? Are you a member of a band? Into photography? Are you a paint-and-sip enthusiast? Do you make your own wine or brew your own beer?

Is there a local non-profit you believe in? Do you work in the medical field? Or the fracking industry? Law enforcement? The legal profession? Are you employed by a government entity? Or are you unemployed and looking for work?

Do you own an idea for an article? Have an issue that is in need of attention? Do you know someone you consider very special and would be an excellent person for a feature?

So this is our “We Want You” campaign, and that’s because “the place of the skull” is part of this area’s revitalization effort. For too long in the Upper Ohio Valley the people have depended on government leaders to supply the antidote to the “woe-is-us” attitude, but finally the cure has been prescribed: You. Me. Every person we know, and all the folks we haven’t yet met here in the Upper Ohio Valley.

And that’s why Weelunk is about you.

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