Meet Baby Bobcats Bobbie and Gina at Good Zoo

Gina enjoys her new accommodations at Oglebay Good Zoo’s vet hospital.

After being found abandoned in rural Marshall County, two female bobcat kittens have found a permanent home at the Oglebay Good Zoo in Wheeling.

The Good Zoo is now offering guests the unique opportunity to learn about these fascinating wild felines through a new bobcat animal encounter. This new opportunity will take guests up close and personal with the bobcat kittens while also providing education on bobcat natural history and cat conservation. Guests must be at least 8 years of age to participate.

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“We are happy to have the opportunity to raise such a hallmark wildlife species from our state, and we look forward to providing care to these kittens and teaching zoo guests about West Virginia wildlife and cat conservation for years to come,” said Good Zoo Director Dr. Joe Greathouse.

The bobcat species is the only remaining wild feline in the state of West Virginia.

For information and reservations regarding the new bobcat animal encounter, call 304-243-4100 or visit the zoo’s website

The kittens, affectionately called Bobbi and Gina, are currently being cared for in the nursery of the Good Zoo’s veterinary and quarantine hospital. Guests may observe the kittens daily during Good Zoo operating hours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.