Ambria Stotley and her dog Brisco enjoying the trails in Oglebay Park.

Oglebay Paws in the Park to Raise Awareness and Fun this Saturday

One of the most popular summer events is the long-awaited Paws in the Park at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center. This celebration of our four-legged friends offers a slew of events this Saturday, September 10, 2022. 

Starting at 9 a.m. is a guided walk through Oglebay’s hiking trails. At 11 a.m. is the 10th Annual Drool at the Pool at the Crispin Center Outdoor Pool. This portion of the day costs $10 per dog and all proceeds will go towards care and conservation at the Oglebay Good Zoo.

At 2 p.m., there will be a K9 meet and greet with our friends from the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office. Two canines will be present with their handlers to answer any questions and display their skills. 

The last event of the day will be a photo op with the PAW Patrol cast at 2:30 p.m.

All Paws on Deck

Brett Clough, owner, and founder of Dirty Paws LLC, feels the day will not only be enhanced by all the fun-loving family pets, but also by community members coming together to take in the beauty of Oglebay.

“I think what makes this event so special is the itinerary in place for you and your family to come enjoy all the beauty the park has to offer,” said Clough.

“Behind the scenes, Oglebay works tirelessly to prepare for the event. Marketing, staffing, fundraising and park preparation. They do a tremendous job welcoming you and your family for a fun filled day with your best friend.”

  • Shih tzu Bentley and his owner Logan Lehrman pose at last year's Drool at the Pool.

Dirty Paws is presenting the Drool at the Pool portion of the day’s events, which Clough is excited to speak on behalf of. 

“We are a grooming, boarding and daycare facility located in Downtown Wheeling. We are a very proud small business housing 16 dogs per day for daycare and boarding,” said Clough.

“Our goal is to always provide safe, loving and affordable pet care.”

Clough says the dogs of Wheeling and their families are imperative to Dirty Paws success; that and the four employees that work with him day in and day out. 

Giving back to the pets in our community is the central idea behind the events of the day. Clough does want people to keep in mind that before entertainment comes safety when animals are involved.

“Have fun and know your pup! I would advise having your dog leashed around crowds and just know any triggers your dog may have that lead to anxiety behaviors,” said Clough. 

“Anyone is welcome to attend the event.”

Clough will be bringing his two Irish Setters to the day’s events; Whisky and Tila. 

“They love coming to work with me and playing with the other dogs at daycare. At home they love being with our three children Maddix, Cole and Trace,” said Clough.

“I think they have retrieved more tennis balls than anyone could possibly imagine!”

A Tail-Wagging Good Time for Dog Owners

Ambria Stoltey, employee of Williams Lea in Downtown Wheeling, is excited about the city embracing its furry companions. 

“The pool event is great because you can be with the dogs. It’s awesome for our pets if they don’t have a pool and is a fun end-of-summer event,” said Stoltey. 

“It’s different and it isn’t the usual festival and vendors type of thing. It’s something new for the community to do, plus, they’re so cute!”

Stoltey is the owner of a Husky mix who is her right-hand man.

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“My dog is nine years old, and we like to lay out in the sun together. He’s nine, so he just chills,” said Stoltey. 

“He doesn’t leave my side at all, so whatever I’m doing, he’s also doing for the most part.”

Stoltely is excited to spend the day with her pup at Oglebay, and hopes that the event continues for years to come. She even has ideas for what she’d like to see in the future. 

“They should have a swimming race for the dogs and a little prize at the end. The kids would love it and it would be adorable – more so than it already is!”

Ambria Stotley and her dog Brisco enjoying the trails in Oglebay Park.

Meet the Local Paw-trol

Sergeant Nicole Seifert and her golden retriever K9 partner Remington, aka Remi, will be in attendance on Saturday as well.

Seifert and Remi primarily assist with domestic violence cases and visit schools, offices and so on. 

“I hope that this event will give some insight to the public surrounding law enforcement K9s allowing them to ask questions and become more familiar if they were to see them out somewhere and feel comfortable to interact with deputies,” said Seifert.

“I have been with the sheriff’s office for 14 years now.  I began working patrol, I was also a narcotic K9 officer for a few years.  I am now a detective with the sheriff’s office.”

 Joining Seifert and Remi are Deputy Frey and K9 Silver, all of which are trained in narcotics. Remi is unique to many other K9s within the department as he not only can sniff out narcotics but is also trained in empathy.

“Remi is a two-year-old golden retriever who is a comfort dog for the sheriff’s office and the community.  He was provided to our department by the Ohio Valley Wellness Coalition as part of a project they had,” said Seifert.  

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“He went through a series of classes consisting of obedience to become a certified therapy dog. He is always at our office as well if any deputy needs a break to hang out with him or if we have kids at our office due to an incident.”

Seifert is happy to take part in dog-centered events because not only does it introduce the community to their K9 team, but it also brings the community and officers of the law together.

“I think it is important for the sheriff’s office to take part in these events because it gives the public a chance to ask questions and see what the different jobs a K9 may have in law enforcement,” said Seifert.

  • K9 Remington and his handler Sergeant Nicole Seifert (left), Sheriff Tom Howard (center) and Chief Deputy John Schultz (right).

Seifert also plans on playing with Remi while they are enjoying the festivities at Paws in the Park.

“My favorite thing to do with Remi is to take him for walks and play fetch,” said Seifert. Remi and many other dogs will have loads of opportunities to run, jump and play this Saturday. 

 During the event, don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #DogsOfOglebay to be featured on their website.

 A few rules and requirements to keep in mind before your arrival this weekend for Drool at the Pool include providing proof of your dog’s vaccinations, no dogs under six months of age and each dog must always remain leashed. 

For a full list and waiver of release form, you can visit Oglebay’s website.